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Weekly Round-up - Moshi Treasure Hunt Finale

We’re approaching the finale of the Great Moshi Treasure Hunt event, with just a week or so left to go before the Ghost Pirates depart the shores of Monstro City.

It’s certainly going to seem strange to see the streets of Monstro city back to normal again!

Since the last round-up we’ve added the following codes:

  • Talcum Chowder
  • Poppet Sticker Book Poster
  • Stackable Lollipop
  • Stackable Midcane
  • Stackable Topcandy
  • Yo-Ho-Cocoa Coins
  • and codes for a total of 700 Rox!

You’ll find these and all our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

Take me to the codes button

Updated Graphics slowly rolling out across Moshi Monsters

The New Moshi Monsters graphical update continues to roll-out slowly across the Moshi Monsters Site.

We’ve seen the new front page, and the new login screen (which has dropped the “I have a code!” tick box) and now the Help pages also have the enriched graphics and the new menu bar and login button.

It certainly makes the old version that you can see when you’re actually playing Moshi Monsters look rather dated.

I’m sure we’ll see this toll out to the Forum, and Membership pages too. The main game screen may be a little trickier to bring up to date with the new look – given the controls around the main play area.

What do you think of the fresh look?


 Textile help
On Jun 14, 04:28 PM lucky wrote:

I think they may be reducing number of friends allowed as well. Max of 500 seems to be the thing.

On Jun 13, 04:50 AM TheCorrector wrote:

Shouldn’t it be SLOWLY rolling not “ slowing rolling “

Moshi Secrets: Thanks Jo!

On Jun 12, 12:19 PM Hugo wrote:

It is alright I guess

On Jun 12, 05:41 AM jemma wrote:

it will be sad to see them leave but it will be exciting to see the new mission

On Jun 10, 03:18 AM HARRY wrote:

COOL! Friend me harryjang

On Jun 9, 02:15 AM Lea wrote:

I think it looks great, but I really wish the “I have a code” check box on the log in screen was still there..

On Jun 8, 01:32 PM Anwen wrote:


On Jun 8, 06:26 AM Angus wrote:

I think it looks great. I got a real surprise yesterday when I went to log on.