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Weekly Round-Up - Moshi Secrets Redesign

Well, we’ve got some news about the Moshi Secrets website, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Not that many codes since the last update, but as always you can find them on our our Moshi Monster Secret Codes list

  • 100 Rox
  • Moshipedia Poster
  • Katsuma Unleashed Wallpaper
  • Bug Juice

You’ll find all these and our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

Take me to the codes button

Moshis vs Ghosts – The Complete Walkthough

So how are you all getting on with Moshis vs Ghosts?

It took us a while, but we’ve done a complete walk-through of all the levels


In case you missed it, there are two new Moshlings you can get. A seed combination or Lummox and a brand new Moshling called Hot Wings.

Moshi Secrets – Redesign

Yes, at least we’re planning to update and redesign Moshi Secrets!

It’ll take a little while, but we hope to make it easier to find your way around the site and also tidy-up/update some of the articles that are now a little out of date!

Of course, we’d love to know what you think of the website and more importantly, what you’d like to see on Moshi Secrets in the future.

Remember we’re not Moshi Monsters though, so I’m afraid we can’t give everyone membership codes (as much as we’d like to!)

We’ll have a questionnaire available soon, but you can always leave a comment or drop us an email with your ideas.

We’d love to hear from you!


 Textile help
On Nov 12, 08:36 AM Dylan wrote:

make the boxes for the codes more round and put up a background

Moshi Secrets: Round eh? :-) Yes, we've been doing lots of thinking about how we can display the codes in a more friendly way!

On Nov 10, 11:07 AM lego wrote:

when will this be finished?

Moshi Secrets:We've only just started! But we hope to have something done in time for Christmas!

On Nov 10, 02:39 AM Kritchanon wrote:

There is 2 new secret codes.

On Nov 9, 06:25 PM 88jokermoshi wrote:


On Nov 9, 12:50 PM lego wrote:

thats so cool when do you think the website will be completed? like will it be soon?
btw i’m on level 38 today
monster owner: daliie

Moshi Secrets: We've lot lots of ideas. It's just a matter of finding the time!