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Weekly Round-Up - Moshi Music Festival

Ok, we’re back with another “Weekly Round-up” (ahem!).

Things have been really busy here at Moshi Secrets HQ, so please forgive us for not getting these updates or the newsletter out.

We figure it’s been a busy time for all your Moshi-Fans going back to school for the new school year. (We’ve seen the number of visitors to Moshi-Secrets drop to an all time low! Eek!)

Anyway, since the last round-up we’ve added the following secret codes to our Moshi Monster Secret Codes list

  • Trashcan Surprise
  • Sweet Tooth Wall Art
  • Crispy Bat Wings
  • Zack Poster
  • 166 Rox

You’ll find all these and our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

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Moptop-Mischief Mission Walk-through

As well as huge number of Moshlings being released over the last few weeks, we’ve also had the Super-Moshi Mischief mission to play – where we can finally get our hands on Zack Binspin and add him to our Moshling Zoo! We’ve always had loads of people asking as how to get Zack!

Top help you out with the mission, and get you all three of the EPICs, take a look at our full mission walk-through.

Moshi Music Festival

As well as the Moptop Mischief, we’ve also seen three music related Moshlings released, all with seed codes…

And now we’ve got the Moshi Music Gooperstars, Build-A-Band quest series too! so there’s lots going on in Monstro city!


 Textile help
On Sep 24, 05:13 PM zoe wrote:

you guys are awesome thanks for the bin weevels codes to theirs so many of them I really enjoy it