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Weekly round-up: more codes, a new mission and more!

Hi Moshi Fans!

This weeks we’ve got a few codes for you, but it’s still pretty quiet. Keep your eyes peeled for any codes and do let us know if you find any!

  • A Cuddly Cherry Bomb
  • A Penguin Moshling Sticker Book Poster
  • New code for 250 Rox

You’ll find these, and all of our older codes on our Moshi Monster secret codes page.

Take me to the codes button

Build a robot competition

If you managed to log on every day from Wednesday last week you’ll have been given codes for all the pieces you need to build yourself your very own robot for your room.

If you missed any of the codes (and you’re a Moshi Member) you can pop along to Horrods and buy your missing pieces there. You’ll want to be quick through as the Build-A-Robot competition finishes on Sunday 10th March.

Is there a flower combination for Long Beard?

The good news is that there’s another way to get Long Beard. The Moshlings website has a page about Long Beard which tells us that you need to plant the following flowers to get him:

  • Hot Silly Peppers (Red)
  • Dragon Fruit (Any)
  • … and something else (it say’s “locked”)

We’re currently trying lots of plant combinations now, but if you find out first – let us know!

Thanks to moshigemma5 for the tip off!

New 7 Part Moshi Mission

So what else this week, well Moshi Monsters have started to advertise a new SEVEN part Moshi mission called “Somewhere Clover The Rainbow”

From the picture, it looks as if it’s going to have something to do with O’Really, the leprechaun Moshling from the Luckies set.

Seven parts seem like a lot! If they’re to release a part a week like they did with the Poppet mission then it’s going to take nearly two months to get through the missions and get your Moshling!

Somewhere Clover The Rainbow Mission

The Daily Grown revealed that there has been a mysterious note left on the door of the Daily Growl which read:

“Shooting shamrocks! Me rainbow disappeared so I can’t find me Pot o’ Rox! Can someone give an Unlucky Larrakin a hand?”

It’s obviously a note from O’Really and it looks as if we’re going to be trying to help the fellow find his Pot of Rox.

What Moshling do you think you’ll get once you complete this mission! Will it be Micro Dave?

If you haven’t already played the Poppet missions it’ll be worth doing now – you’ll want to get Yo Yo before these mission disappear.


 Textile help
On Mar 20, 10:44 PM Alex wrote:

They are going to give you O’Really

On Mar 13, 11:46 AM riona wrote:

you get long beard in the feezy riders.wich its already done

On Mar 10, 08:27 PM Asha wrote:

Everybody add me on Moshi monsters trinket2002

On Mar 9, 12:41 PM moshigemma5 wrote:

i think there will soon be a combination for yoyo as the mission has gone

On Mar 8, 05:04 PM jasmine wrote:


On Mar 8, 03:36 AM Lea wrote:

Seven parts is a lot! I hope it doesn’t take too long! I’m hoping the Moshling you get will be Betty (from the noisies) or Micro’ Dave