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Weekly Round-Up - Incredible Shrinking Monsters!

First of all, a big apology for everyone who’s subscribed to the newsletter for the lack of updates recently! You should start getting them again!

As well as a list of the latest codes we’ve added we’ve got news of shinking monsters in Monstro City, fast growing seeds in your garden and the final part of the Super Moshi mission “Googenheist!”

Tt’s been a pretty quiet time for codes again, but here are the codes we’ve added this week:

  • Chocolate Coated Broccoli
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Sludge Fudge
  • 5th Birthday Hat
  • 150 Rox & 200 Rox

You’ll find these and all our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

Take me to the codes button

Help my monster is shrinking!

Eek! We set out for a stroll around Monstro City this week and were shocked at what we saw!

It appears that all the Monsters walking around town have SHRUNK!

Have you noticed that they seem to be a lot smaller?

Our guess is that people were finding it difficult to click on things with all the big monsters walking around. I know it could be hard to click on some of the quests or get in through some of the shop doors if there were a crowd of monsters walking around.

The pop-up stats and “add friend” button that appeared over Monsters when you hovered your pointer over them didn’t help either!

Last part of Googenheist Super-Moshi mission released

The last part of the Googenheist Super-Moshi mission has been released for members yesterday.

We’ve updated our walk-through, including where to find all the EPICS.

We’ve had quite a few people getting in touch to say that they’ve been rather disappointed by the Season 3 missions. There just doesn’t seem that much to do, and not as exciting as the Season 2 missions. What do you think?

So, if you’re stuck, or your not a member and want to find out what happens then why not take a look at out Googenheist walk-through.

This weekend only – Super fast growing seeds!

If you’ve played Moshi Monsters this weekend you may have noticed a new feature for this weekend only. Plants are only taking 30 minutes to grow!

Wow that’s fast! It’s normally 6 hours!

If it’s working for you and you’re trying to collect Moshlings, then this weekend is your chance to try to get some of those really difficult combinations! If it only takes 30 minutes, there should be plenty of time to re-plant your flowers!

Our list of Moshling seed combinations might help!

We’re still trying to figure out the third flower and it’s colour that you need to attract Longbeard to your garden.

Anyone else figured this out yet?


 Textile help
On May 16, 07:57 AM moshi wrote:

guys you get long beard in a mission I have got him I didn’t plant any seeds Super Moshi Mission Season 3 Mission 2: you can get him on Freezy Rider

On May 13, 12:42 AM Bri wrote:

now the time went back to 6 hours!!! that’s not fair!!!
I have to go to school everyday, I don’t have time for all of this!!!

On May 10, 09:04 PM BRUVAN.MM wrote:

It usually only takes my seeds 10 minutes to grow..

On May 7, 04:48 PM Hugo wrote:

I have him and I know how to get long beard but the mission you need is not there anymore, sorry

On May 7, 12:18 PM bri wrote:

The 30 mins was working for me but now it is 45 mins. I don’t understand. Why don’t they put it to 10 mins so it is easier?!?!

On May 7, 09:39 AM Dylan wrote:

what the hell that is su wierd?????!!!!

On May 6, 12:31 PM nawshin wrote:

i have a problem with my puzzle palace. instead the increasing of the xp, it is dicreasing!

On May 6, 10:22 AM jasmine wrote:

bes website ever thanks

On May 6, 08:51 AM Heather wrote:

have you said anything about how the monsters look weird now? because they’re small as well!!!

On May 6, 04:56 AM babykymmi wrote:

dang, i just found out about the plant taking only 30 min… so i only had a few hours to do plants :(
but its awesome, wish it could last longer than just this weekend…
add me ‘‘babykymmi’‘

On May 5, 04:34 PM mia perez wrote:

I am pretty for sure the third flower for long beard is a snap apple and its color is not purple or black

On May 5, 02:41 PM Rosscp (From Moshi Monsters Expressway) wrote:

Keep on trying the final Long Beard seed. Hopeless for now :P
Hope it’s actually Released!

On May 5, 12:58 PM squiggle wrote:

i have tried a black instead of a yellow love and that doesn’t work either any suggestions?

On May 5, 10:01 AM squiggle wrote:

i have planted a pink love berries, an any love berries (which turned out yellow) and an any hot silly pepper (which turned out to be blue) to get blurp but he is not coming?

On May 5, 07:48 AM pasta wrote:

NO but have you noticed on ooh la lane there’s no add friend button

On May 4, 11:28 PM Kimbella wrote:

yeah season 3 missions are bad cause each one takes about 5 minutes to play and then you have to wait for the next one. Plus they are really random and have nothing to do strange glove or anything.

On May 4, 08:51 PM Chelsie wrote:

This fast growing flower weekend is the best.
And it gave me the chance to finally catch Jessie and now plant Mr Snoodle

On May 4, 08:03 PM pussy cat wrote:


On May 4, 05:12 PM robtish wrote:

long beard code was false

On May 4, 05:10 PM Shelby wrote:


On May 4, 05:01 PM robtish wrote:

i tried all third flower combination besides pink snap apple

On May 4, 04:51 PM Lea wrote:

The super fast growing flowers is GREAT for me as I’m trying to catch all the Moshlings (that I don’t have)! Too bad it’s only this weekend, I’ve always found six hours to be a bit too long!

I agree, the Season Three Missions aren’t as great as Season One and Two..:/ Plus it’s unfair that they make the first part available for everyone and then you have to be a member to complete it and it’s seriously hard for non-member to get the Moshling! By the way, it seems like the next mission might be coming soon! http://news.moshimonsters.com/community/blog/content/7323-AHOY-Pirates-Are-Coming!

I didn’t notice the smaller monsters until this article, they look a lot better!

On May 4, 09:30 AM Kayley wrote:

I haven’t been on moshi for a while so its good to know all these things and don’t forget to add me!