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Weekly Round-Up - Halloween isn't over on Moshi Monsters!

While the 31st of October might have come and gone for us, it’s still Halloween in Monstro City!

There’s lots of great new outfits to buy in the market place so you can dress up your Monster and hit the streets in scary outfits! And the Moshis vs Ghosts missions are still going on.

Not that many codes since the last update, but as always you can find them on our our Moshi Monster Secret Codes list

  • Pumpkin Chowder
  • Spider Lolly
  • 176 Rox
  • An amazing 1000 Rox!

You’ll find all these and our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

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Level Up your Monster FAST!

This week we’ve published our guide to levelling-up quickly. Find out some top-tips for getting lots of XP! Yes you can get more than your daily limit!

In the last couple of weeks we’ve managed to go up three levels! We’re now working our way to level 25!

Take a look at our guide

Moshis Vs Ghosts

House 3 is now unlocked! This time it’s the creepy Cabin in the Woods. Complete the missions and you can get your hands on the Moshling Randall!

There’s only one more house to go. Next week we get to enter Goosebump Manor!

Have you managed to get Hoolio by collecting Ectogloop yet?


 Textile help
On Nov 6, 05:35 PM kyle wrote:

i have hoolio

On Nov 3, 10:56 AM Kritchanon wrote:

On the 2nd last sentence,the word to became t .

On Nov 3, 02:23 AM Lea wrote:

I’ve got Hoolio!

On Nov 2, 10:13 PM cillian wrote:

i have 6173 ectogloops and i cant wait till i get hoolio

On Nov 2, 08:04 PM Bloc Dibujo wrote:


On Nov 2, 02:56 PM Miranda Moore wrote:

you put “we get t enter” in the moshi vs. ghost paragraph!