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Weekly Round-Up Get ready to party!

Seems that the kids have gone back to school this week in the UK. It’s the start of the new school year and we’ve certainly seen a big drop in the number of visitors over the last few days.

Of course, just as everyone goes back to School, Moshi Monsters release a whole load of new stuff and updates! So, let’s try to have a quick run through of everything that’s been going on.

New codes this week:

We’ve added codes for the following items to our codes page this week. Remember to let us know if you’ve found a code that’s not on out list!

  • Golden Guitar (not just one, but THREE of them!
  • Spooky Sticker Book
  • IGGY Champ Poster
  • Bongo Bongo

You’ll find all these and our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

Take me to the codes button

So what else has been going on?

Betty the Moshling has been released

There’s lots of Moshling hunters very excited about this news! Betty has finally been released and what’s even better, anyone can catcher her with a seed combo. Doesn’t matter if you’re a member of a non-member! Has everyone got her yet?

Party Palace

It’s been months since Party Palace first appeared in the official Moshi Monsters magazine. Some players have had early access to help play-test it, but now it’s available to everyone.

You’ll find the Party Palace on the Map. You really can’t miss it! It’s the purple dome in the bottom left hand corner of the map.

So what’s it all about?

Well, what’s great about it is that it’s a place you can play against other Monsters! (The only other place you can play against other players is in Puzzle Palace).

Party Palace is a dress-up game. You compete against three other Monsters to dress up based on a theme such as “Stylish Pirate” that you get given at the start of the each round.

You have to do this against the clock. You get 60 seconds to dress up your monster.

When the time runs our, other monsters in Party Palace get the chance to vote for their favorite. If you get the most votes you’ll win some Rox!

We’ll try to put a full guide to Party Palace online next week. We’d love to know what you think of Party Palace.

Pinboard Update

The Pinboard has had a minor update too. Here’s what’s changed:

There’s a new little tab on the top of the wooden frame that shows the number of unread messages on your Pinboard. You can see this no matter where you are and if you click on it, it’ll take straight to your pinboard unless you’re in another monster’s home in which case you’ll be taken to their pinboard instead.

There’s another change too. When you write a message, there’s now two buttons. Once to chose a friend to send the message to, and another button to add the message to your own pinboard.

What do you think of these update? Does it makes the pinboard message system easier to use? Let us know.

Seed Cart

The Seed cart has also been updated this week. It now stocks seeds that you could only previously get from Super Seeds at the port.

We’ve also had a message from another Moshi Monsters player to say that they’ve notice that the seed prices have gone up. We’ve not seen this ourselves so wonder if it’s something that Moshi Monsters are testing. Have you seen a change in the price? Let us know if you have!

Moptop Mischief

And finally, we shouldn’t forget that the first part of a a new Super Moshi mission appeared this week too! If you’ve not found the EPIC in Moptop Mischief, then check out our guide to the mission.


 Textile help
On Sep 13, 09:28 PM 1bestmomever wrote:

one night noted variable increased prices on seeds that were different at super seeds verses regular cart but have not seen it since

On Sep 13, 04:15 PM Kaitlin wrote:

Hey you need to do a page on the new moshlings Ziggy and another one coming soon, unknown shadow picture

On Sep 12, 12:21 PM Cari wrote:

None of the codes worked, but it sucks about the seeds!

On Sep 10, 11:46 PM jordy wrote:

I find it sad that the ‘What’s new’ tab has disappeared. It was always the first thing I looked at when I logged in. Do you know what Moshi Monsters are planning to do with this and if it will be back (soon)?

On Sep 10, 07:52 PM ellenmybffandmemaebh wrote:

i do NOT see any difrence in my seed packs the price is still 15 like always can u plz reply from ellenmybffandmemaebh (my user name i do not wana give out my real name)

On Sep 10, 01:55 AM Anna wrote:

come friend me!!! my username is animebabe1313

On Sep 9, 12:23 AM xk4yl2zx wrote:

my seeds are still 15, liking party palace and had loads of friend requests from it, although it does seem a bit slow….

On Sep 9, 12:08 AM claire wrote:

my moshi monster walked out of the shop while i was in poppet’s closet…? Why?

On Sep 8, 05:15 PM starlaviolet wrote:

i’m a non-member so I can’t go on party palace :( it’s not fair!!!

On Sep 8, 04:36 AM lola wrote:

hi can non members play in the dress up game in party palace
friend me at lolalovespuppys

On Sep 8, 03:29 AM Pat wrote:

like the new changes. :D but so far, I don’t have the pin board addition

On Sep 7, 11:53 PM Chantelle. wrote:

I have seen the prices go up… it is now 15 dollars for a seed. Save up some roxs!!!!!!!!!!

On Sep 7, 07:19 PM Moshifan wrote:

It’s good but not enough people bother to vote!

On Sep 7, 05:37 PM Lea wrote:

The seeds are the same price on both of mine and my sister’s accounts.

Also, along with the new pinboard update there’s the same thing with your friends. When you click on this one it will take you to your friends tree, but I don’t know if it let’s you know if you have a new FR.
On the pinboard I don’t seem to have the option to type it to a friend or myself..
But this is clearly something they’re testing because some of mine and my sister’s accounts only have one icon or none at all. Maybe this will remove the friend tree and pinboard in our rooms! I’ve always found them a little annoying.

On Sep 7, 05:35 PM annoyedmoshlinghunter wrote:

WHAT seed prices went up????? I already spend like 100 rox a week on seeds!!!!

On Sep 7, 03:57 PM james wrote:

hey i found a lummox code in some the dumpster in some guys bin