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Weekly Round-Up - Final Weekend for the Redesign Survey

Hello Everyone!

First, I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s completed out Moshi Secrets Redesign Survey

It’s not too let to have your say. We’re going to run the survey over the weekend and then take a look at all your comments on Monday.

Complete the survey

Oh, and don’t worry, we’re not asking you for any personal information like your name or email address.

This weeks Codes

Not that many codes since the last update, but as always you can find them on our our Moshi Monster Secret Codes list

Last Week:

  • Wobbled Chocolate Coated Broccoli
  • Wobbled Hot Dog
  • 150 Rox
  • (Crocodile) Dundee

This Week:

  • Monster Crossing Sign
  • 100 Rox
  • Cactus Ghost
  • Unicorn Pinata
  • Apple Bobbing Kit
  • Pumpkin Vase
  • Trick or Treat Bag
  • Creepy Chest
  • Scarycrow
  • Glump Pinata
  • Ghost Train Set
  • Gloop Soup

You’ll find all these and our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

Take me to the codes button

Levelling Up!

Our Monster is currently working it’s way to level 30. We’ve made lots of progress in the last couple of weeks and going up three levels!

If you want to know how we’re doing it, take a look at our guide to Levelling-Up Fast

If you read the guide you’ll see one of the tactics is to send out Rox-Box mystery gifts to all your friends each day!

Want to receive some Mystery Gifts? Pop along to our monster’s room and say hi! You’ll find it here:



 Textile help
On Nov 26, 09:30 AM MoshiDriven wrote:

I can’t wait for for your new updated site! Moshisecrets 2.0 :D

Moshi Secrets: Well there's lots of ideas, so we'll be improving the site bit by bit over the next month or so!

On Nov 26, 02:37 AM thomasrockz2 wrote:

moshi secrets did they change lummoxes code to any magic any love berries and yellow moon orchid.

Moshi Secrets: Yep, that's the flower combination you'll need alright!

On Nov 25, 12:40 PM WeeBurd wrote:

Sorry, only just filled in the survey. Hope I’m not too late ;-)

WeeBurd. x
Mamma to shortyput & poppet6453898 :-D

Moshi Secrets: Not too late! We're still reading all the great feedback! Lots of ideas to make things even better!

On Nov 24, 11:29 AM lego wrote:

thanks i know only have to get pip & the unreveiled moshlings

On Nov 24, 02:25 AM blossom wrote:

I did the survey! And you guys don’t need to change moshi secrets it’s perfect the way it is! But maybe some colors would be nice :)

Moshi Secrets: Thanks! :-) We've had loads of great feedback and as a result, lots of ideas to make Moshi Secrets even better!

On Nov 23, 01:38 PM lego wrote:

cool i already did the survey

also i got oddie today to complete the foodies

Moshi Secrets: Thanks for doing the survey! And good news about completing the Foodies! Well done!