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Weekly Round-Up - End of the holiday's edition!

Hiya everyone! We’ve been rather sparse on updates over the last month, but don’t worry. We’ve not been kidnapped by Strangeglove and his evil Glumps – we’ve just been on Holiday!

We’ve tried to keep Moshi Secrets up to date, but frankly, we’ve not done a very good job! We’re back now, so hopefully we’ll be able to get things back on track.

Code updates since the last Round-Up

(We’re going to have to start calling this something else aren’t we! Calling it “Weekly Round-up” does suggest it should be weekly!)

So what codes have we added since the last update?

  • Pepper Popcorn (02/08/13)
  • Rat Tail Spagheti (16/08/13)
  • Wobbled Spamburger (17/08/13)
  • Mustachio Bean Bag (21/08/13)
  • Fish Lips Bean Bag (21/08/13)
  • Bruiser Bean Bag (21/08/13)
  • Freak Face Bean Bag (21/08/13)
  • Bloopy Bean Bag Items 21/08/13)
  • Scummi Bears (23/08/13)
  • Glump Cake – Cucumber (24/08/13)
  • Scummi Bears (17/08/13)

And the following Rox codes:

  • 123 Rox (09/08/13)
  • 123 Rox (10/08/13)
  • 150 Rox (21/08/13)
  • 222 Rox (31/08/13)

You’ll find all these and our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

Take me to the codes button

Mystery Gifts!

A big thank you to everyone who’s sent us Mystery Gifts! We’re getting so many that, as much as we’d like to, we can’t possibly send a gift back to everyone as we’re getting more than 50 each day!

Instead we’ll try to send out 10 gift to 10 random people on our friends tree each day using the “Pick Randomly” from the Mystery Gift shop on Gift Island.

Thanks again!

The Great Moshi Beanstalk

To be honest, both Harry and I are a little fed up with all the jumping we’ve had to do to try and climb the beanstalk!

This might have something to do with trying to complete most of the Beanstalk in one day!

What did you think of the Great Moshi Beanstalk? We’d love to know!

We’re Social!

If you didn’t know already, you can always visit on Moshi Monsters. Our owner name is: moshi-secrets.

If you like Moshi Secrets, you can also follow us on Twitter or Google+


 Textile help
On Sep 5, 01:30 AM xk4yl2zx wrote:

n after that post i realised i had actually got 2 the top just as the hand closed very lucky :) yay!

On Sep 5, 12:54 AM xk4yl2zx wrote:

gutted i couldnt complete beanstalk, just couldnt beat the giant on this broke netbook:( really wanted weeny aswell………very sad :’(

Moshi Secrets: We can still see the Beanstalk on the map?

On Sep 4, 06:07 PM will wrote:

just made new account and moshi beanstalk is gone any chance there will be a chance to catch them with seeds-thanks

On Sep 4, 06:53 AM elise wrote:

ive completed mine

On Sep 1, 11:37 AM Moshifan wrote:

Loved it but got a bit fed up of the last level. I thought I was never going to get Weeney as the monsters hand got me so many times. Can’t wait for the next mission though!

On Sep 1, 12:07 AM xk4yl2zx wrote:

frustrating!! cant complete part 4 :( im too slow, any1 wanna do it 4 me??pretty please? :D broken netbook isnt good……

Moshi Secrets: It's not easy with that big arm in the way is it! (Don't go giving your password to anyone now, will you!