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Weekly Round-Up - Code for Bently revealed!

Hello everyone. It’s been an exceptionally quiet week on the codes front again. We thought maybe it was just us, failing to find new codes but a good search around the internet and it seems that nobody else has any new codes either.

On the plus side, both the Windy Wind-Up quests and the new Super Moshi Mission “Gustbusters” should now be available to everyone. We’ve completed our guide to Gustbusters including all three parts and all three EPICs. Check out our Gustbusters Walk-through if you get stuck with the mission.

Since the last round-up we’ve added the following code:

  • Glump Cake – Cucumber (GLUMPTASTIC)

You’ll find this and all our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

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Flower Combination for Bently.

One of the new features that Moshi Monsters are adding to make collecting Moshlings easier, particularly for members, is displaying the seed combinations you need when you click on the Moshlings name in the Zoo. (Non members don’t have access to the Zoo of course)

Having the seed combinations in the Moshling Zoo has revealed the flower combination you’ll need to get Bently, one of the Sploshies. You’ll need to grow the following plants in your garden:

  • Star Blossom (BLACK)
  • Star Blossom (BLACK)
  • Moon Orchid (BLACK)

Aha, so I can guess one of the questions you’ll be asking… what about a combination for Longbeard?

Well, one of our visitors who has access to the new Moshling Zoo tells us that there’s still no combination displayed for Longbead. We were rather disappointed.

You’ll find all the combinations we’ve found that you need to attract moshlings on our flower combinations page.


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On Jul 24, 05:09 AM Nargles_Exist! wrote:

i got bently now im going for oompa

On Jul 23, 02:31 PM kaitlynboula wrote:

the flower combanation for pinestien (the winner of the design a moshling contest) is purple love berries purple magic beans yellow magic beans

On Jul 19, 05:55 PM allan wrote:

i don’t see the seed combonations! please help me moshi secrets!

On Jul 18, 02:02 AM brendan wrote:

i got bently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Jul 17, 11:56 PM Elijah wrote:

I have the wind up part 2 too!!!

On Jul 17, 06:15 PM Hope wrote:

:( i thought it was betty

On Jul 16, 01:13 PM brendan wrote:

think im getting bently crossing my fingers

On Jul 16, 03:09 AM zipit90 wrote:

hi have noticed my poppet punching things in my room.

On Jul 15, 11:01 PM k4yl2 wrote:

has anyone else got the windy wind-up part 2?? Its just come up on mine, starts with buster looking a bit ‘off’ on sludge street…….

On Jul 15, 09:27 PM Hamiluv wrote:

i do not have the seed combos on my account but on my friends there was a pop up saying there was seed codes but its useless since she is not a member so she can’t see the zoo :(

On Jul 15, 10:58 AM William wrote:

My Katsuma is poking his head out of the screen too! I have the Windy Wind up and Gustbusters, but I can’t see the flower combinations in the zoo, even tried Bentley and there is nothing there.

On Jul 15, 08:34 AM Erin Morley wrote:

hi moshi secrets,i have played one of the street missions windy wind up 2,and i think this solves our moshi mystery. see ya!

On Jul 15, 06:56 AM tanya wrote:

has anyone else noticed the windy wind up quest 2 i completed the 1st one and now theres a second one that starts with buster acting wierd if this has happened to you please contact me at tanya7646 thanks bye

On Jul 14, 10:40 PM Ben wrote:

i just found out that the next mission will have zach binspin as the rewarded moshling!
The mission is called moptop mischief and is suppose to come out somewhere around late to mid july!

On Jul 14, 04:40 PM Kaitlin wrote:

Hi Moshi Secrets! As I go and play around with my Katsuma A LOT I’ve happened to notice a new action of where my katsuma looks from left to right then pokes its head almost OUT of the screen with big bug eyes as if ‘looking’ for me! My katsuma then says hey a little bit of love and attention here! Am I the only one getting this or are other Katsuma owners too?

On Jul 13, 09:19 PM Lea wrote:

The quest (Windy Wind-Up) is still locked on my non-member account :/

On Jul 13, 09:13 PM Lea wrote:

How is everyone seeing Moshling codes in the zoos?! I’m not seeing them in ANY zoo!!!

On Jul 13, 07:04 PM Anwen wrote:


On Jul 13, 04:55 PM Trinity wrote:

I still can’t do the Windy Wind-Up missions

On Jul 13, 04:18 PM Pixie wrote:

I’ve already planted for Bently and there’s a sign on my garden door that says my plants will be fully grown in less than 38 minutes!

On Jul 13, 11:33 AM k4yl2 wrote:

argh…….thats what i was gonna ask those who had access to the new zoo features lol, i want long beard :(

On Jul 13, 10:53 AM elise wrote:

glumptastic is a code from freebie friday