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Weekly Round-Up - Buck's gone!

Oops! We didn’t get this weeks round up done in time for the newsletter! Sorry for that everyone! We’ve got a lot of things planned for Moshi Secrets, but as usual just not enough time to do everything!

It’s been pretty quiet on the codes front too, but here’s a list of the codes that we’ve added to Moshi Secrets this week:

  • Rainbow Chair
  • Jelly Baked Beans
  • Monster Plant

You’ll find these and all our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

Take me to the codes button

Captain Buck has left the Port!

If you’re a member, and you’re visiting the port you’ll notice that Captain Buck has once again set sail on another adventure. How long will he be away this time?

If you’re not a member you can still get hold of some of Captain Buck’s strange booty! Just pop along to his cousin’s shop on Bleurgh Beach! Baz Barnacle sells lots of different iterms from the Captain’s previous adventures.

Multi-player is back at Puzzle Palace

Yes, it seems that Multi-Player is finally back at Puzzle Palace! Have you played it yet? It’s a great way to meet people, have some fun and earn a few Rox too!

The Multi-player feature had been missing for so long that I’m sure some people were starting to think that it wasn’t going to come back at all!

Are you glad to see it back? Have you tried it?

Moshling Watch – Raffles appears in the Moshling Zoo

As expected, a slot of Raffles has appeared in the Moshling Zoo. Given Raffles appearance in the latest Googenheist mission, it hardly comes as a surprise. Looks like we’ll be getting Raffles when we complete the multi-part mission.

We had expected to see the second part today, but it’s not appeared yet – Ooh! There it is! It’s just appeared as I was writing this article.


 Textile help
On May 7, 07:35 AM Heather wrote:

why does our monsters look small and scary??!!

On May 4, 01:43 PM klari wrote:

I am going to beg my parents to be a member!!!!!!!!!! I want all the moshlings!!!

On May 3, 11:56 PM Melisa wrote:


On May 3, 10:56 PM Reuben Child wrote:

PLEASE COMMENT on the Daily Growl – Blingo Challenge: bust-a-rhyme as 10,000 comments gets us all a Big Bad Boom Box!
(we’re only half way there with 6,000 comments at the moment)

On May 2, 02:24 AM bri wrote:

It is weird, you know the monsters that we do a mini quest for, they have gone! not much monsters need help anymore!

They're still around though. I think you're right in that they've reduced the numbers of monsters in need!

On Apr 30, 06:47 AM funguy6334 wrote:

Um you seem to have done some typos, here they are:
In Article 2 , iterms( items) In Article 3, fund(fun?) In title of 4 , moshiling(moshling)
Just tryiing to help :D

Moshi Secrets: Thanks for pointing those out! I'll get them fixed!

On Apr 29, 12:21 AM Janki wrote:

on the second line of multiplayer is back you wrote fund instead of fun

On Apr 28, 04:53 PM muhammad nausherwan wrote:

the parts of the mission of googenheist are a bit boring and the parts of chocodlile blues were still great i think the 3rd part of this mission googengeist is gonna be a rip off no offense really its just that i am sad

Moshi Secrets: Got to say that I agree with you. Having already seen the third part - I wasn't blown away!

On Apr 28, 03:28 PM pussy cat wrote:

i think baz should have more stuff at his shop
im am fitzgibbons on moshi add me! and rate my room

On Apr 28, 01:46 PM anwen wrote:

Who is Raffles? I am not a member and don’t have a zoo.

On Apr 27, 03:37 PM anonymousguy2227 wrote:

haha, done the mission already! hope you enjoy it

On Apr 27, 02:47 PM Squiggle wrote:

i noticed that i got a space for raffles next to marcel yesterday!!! and im happy multi player is at the puzzle palace

On Apr 27, 11:44 AM hannahgreenfield wrote:

epic tysm

On Apr 27, 06:58 AM moshiawesome1945 wrote:


On Apr 27, 05:01 AM ileftmoshinowonajandmweor wrote:

You wrote fund instead of fun

On Apr 27, 02:20 AM jassieme wrote:

Meant to say that I have suey from a mission, but will try for the others. must go buy a 1mth membership card to get more rox etc… yippee

On Apr 26, 10:51 PM ethan fisher wrote:

i get why he is in the naughties! because he is a robber and evil! lol! hahahahahahahahaha

On Apr 26, 04:12 PM ellie wrote:

it has now!

On Apr 26, 04:08 PM robtish wrote:

its appeared today