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Weekly Round-Up - Are Moshi Monsters Testing Us?

First of all, I want to say thanks to everyone who’s signed up to the newsletter! We’ve now got a staggering 12,355 members from all over the world! We also saw 316,874 visits to Moshi Secrets in June and a staggering 602,086 pages viewed!

Thank you to everyone who’s made Moshi Secrets the undoubted #1 Moshi fan site on the web!

It’s been a very quiet week code wise this week. Fingers crossed things will pick up once the school holidays start!

Since the last round-up we’ve added the following codes:

  • 111 Rox
  • 200 Rox
  • 123 Rox

You’ll find these and all our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

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We really do need your help finding these codes. If you find a new code then do let us know. The more codes people share, the more codes we’ll be able to add to our codes list for everyone!

Windy Wind-Up and Gustbusters confusion

So what’s happening with the Windy Wind-up Quests and Gustbusters Super Moshi Mission? It all seems very odd. Since we posted our article about the new quests and Gustbusters mission lots of you have been telling us how some of you have one and not the other while some haven’t got access to either.

What’s even more odd is that an article about it has only just appeared in the Daily Growl. The article is called “Spotted Mysterious Moshling!”: http://news.moshimonsters.com/community/blog/content/7447-SPOTTED-Mysterious-Moshling! and features a blurred picture of the new moshling, Sprinkles.

In the past, the Daily Growl has published these teasers before the missions are released.

Hanna wrote to us with an interesting theory (Thanks Hannah!):

I’ve noticed that you’ve posted a few times now about weird variances in Moshi Monsters between different user accounts. Have you ever heard of ab testing? It’s a commonly used method of making sure that content is rolled out slowly, and that stuff is only released which is worth releasing.

Essentially, it means Moshi Monsters can control the release of new features and content. This is how ab testing works:

For each new feature, users are randomly split into groups, usually a split of 5% and 95%. The new thing is then tested with the small group for a period of weeks while keeping the other 95 playing the normal game. If the 5% of users seem to engage with the feature well, it is released to the rest of the players. If not, adjustments are made and gradually increase the size of that group until everyone is happy and the feature should be rolled out to everyone.

That’s it in a nutshell – if you google ‘ab testing’ there is a tonne of more information online.

I bet that’s the reason behind all the weirdness!

We’ve started writing the walk through for Gustbusters. Part 1 of the mission is complete and we’ll be adding Part 2 later today.

Interview with Judisue of Weevily World

I don’t know how many of you know that we have a sister site for players of Bin Weevils called Bin Weevil Secrets ? We’ve not had the time to do much with it yet, but we are adding Bin Weevils Codes semi-regularly and we are making plans to expand it soon.

We were lucky to get some time to interview Judisue, the owner of the popular Weevily World a fanstic Bin Weevils blog.

In the interview Judisue explained just how much work goes into running a great blog like Weevily world. She tells us “I spend far more time on Weevily World, than most people spend working at their full time occupations!”

We also asked her what plans she had for the future of Weevily World. She told us that she was “looking to further develop the Gardens and Bin Pet pages and to create special Weevily World, SWS mission walk throughs, in both video and written formats”, which sounds great to us.

If you play Bin Weevils, then why not Read the full interview on Bin Weevil Secrets


 Textile help
On Jul 10, 01:48 PM Sammy wrote:

Why aren’t you on vacation? I’ve been on vacation for like a month!

On Jul 10, 04:35 AM playfulghost99 wrote:

wen did part 2 of gustbusters come out

On Jul 9, 11:27 PM Justine wrote:

Hey if you go to the new on Moshi Monsters it has Gustbuster play now.

On Jul 8, 04:55 PM cool_taha wrote:

Zack Binspin will be released in Season 3, Mission 6 that will be called: Moptop Mischief. You can check out Moshi Magazine 31 – that is out next Thursday for some more details on the mission! Zack Binspin will appear in the RoxStars set along with Bobbi Singsong and some other new Moshlings!

On Jul 8, 04:12 PM kittty wrote:

moshi is going crazy
they are trying to release too much stuff at the same time!just take it slow is my motto(not really though!)
and by the way how old is hannah because she is very smart!

On Jul 8, 01:32 PM k4yl2 wrote:

im slightly confused, ive not seen any splash screens about party palace-whatever that is, my daughter never got to complete windy wind up, as she got up to fridays one, but on saturday when she tried to complete the next day,it was locked,she was quite upset byy this as she had to wait each day to do the daily psart but yet nevergot to complete it,shes only 4. Its quite unfair the way they r doing this,as i can do he mission but she cannot. I do hope the moshi ppl read these comments n go back to makin it fair for everyone.

On Jul 8, 11:31 AM laura wrote:

rox party
choco party

here are some codes

On Jul 7, 11:23 PM amy wrote:

i finished windy wind up but its not letting me play gustbusters

On Jul 6, 09:10 PM elijah wrote:


On Jul 6, 06:27 PM Nargles_Exist! wrote:

what on earth is weevel world? Also you guys aren’t on summer vacation yet? dude it’s july!!! I feel bad for ur kids!!

Moshi Secrets: Still a couple of weeks before Harry's holidays begin!

On Jul 6, 04:30 PM Pixie wrote:

I checked out Bin Weevels. It’s weird. I like Moshi Monsters way better =)

On Jul 6, 02:40 PM Webkinzloverjrh wrote:

That might be correct… When I contacted Moshi Monsters about my GustBusters problem, Pam N from Moshi Monsters Support wrote this to me: “I’m sorry you haven’t been able to play the new mission yet. WE’RE TESTING OUT DIFFERENT WAYS OF GETTING NEW GAME CONTENT OUT TO YOU. Don’t worry though, you won’t lose out on any GustBusters content, you just might see it in a different order to some other players!”