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Weekly Round-Up - Double Up

Hi Moshi Fans and welcome to another Weekly Round-Up. Sorry for the rather slow updates this week. We’ve got a poor internet connection at the moment which is making things rather tricky!

Since the last Round-Up, again a couple of weeks ago now, we’ve added the following codes to our codes page:

  • Things to make and do poster
  • Pepper Popcorn
  • Golden Peppy Bike
  • I Heart Poppet Poster

You’ll find this and all our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

Take me to the codes button

Double-Up (Member Only)

If you’re a Moshi Member, then here’s something that’ll get you playing this August.

For the rest of the month, you’ll earn double the number of Rox and XP when you play in the Puzzle Palace, and flowers will grow twice as fast in your Moshling Garden.

So now’s the time to get cracking if you want to earn those XP and go up a few levels, especially if you’re got to a higher level where it just seems to take ages to get to the next one!

Plants growing at twice the speed is also great news if you’re trying to catch the that have appeared this month as part of the Summer of Moshlings.

Problems climbing the Beanstalk? You’re not the only one!

Some people have told us that they’re having some problems climbing the beanstalk in the Greak Moshi Beanstalk event. It seems that after playing the jumping game, their Monster doesn’t move upwards on the beanstalk.

Moshi Monsters are aware of the problem. This is what they have to say:

This seems to be affecting people who are sharing a computer with other players (so one account works normally, but another account on the same computer doesn’t for example). At this stage, we’d like any players who’re having this problem to try clearing their browser cache, then logging out of Moshi and restarting their browser. This should hopefully fix the problem, but if it doesn’t then please click this link to send an email through to tech@moshimonsters.com. We’ll be happy to see what we can do to help!

If you need them, instructions on how to clear your cache can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/68xgwv

Update: The people at Moshi Monsters posted an update regarding this problem:

We’ve found out that this seems to be somehow related to the daily rox limit! We’ve had players confirm that if they waited overnight for their rox limit to reset, then went straight into the Beanstalk game without earning any rox first, then the game works normally. This is a temporary workaround – our developers are working hard on a full fix for the problem which we’re hoping to release next week :)


 Textile help
On Aug 24, 02:49 PM moshi guy wrote:

hey i went into my room
and my monster moved across
the floor without walking !?

On Aug 17, 03:49 PM Lisa wrote:

that happened to me but its ok now iv finished part 2 and go grinny and iv got twaddle to!