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The Moshi Frosty Games are here!

The Moshi Frosty Games Logo

Moshi Monsters have teased us for a few days, but the Moshi Frosty Games are here! Obviously timed to coincide with the Winter Olympics, the Frosty Games puts the different types of monsters in Monstro City in competition with each other as they compete in four different events.

The events are existing mini-games that most of you will have already played. The connection with the Winter Olympics and the “Frosty” title isn’t totally convincing. The only slightly icy event is Ice Scream!

How to play the Moshi Frosty Games

You’ll find a button to play the Moshi Frosty Games on the “What’s New” drop down on the top right of the screen frame.

The first thing you’ll see is the Frosty Games score sheet:

Moshi Frosty Games Score Sheet

We now know what the events are going to be and when they’ll be available to pay

  • Event 1 – Beanstalk Bounce (12th February)
  • Event 2 – Ice Scream! (19th February)
  • Event 3 – Thump-a-Glump (26th February)
  • Event 4 – Bug Rush (5th March)

Event 1 – Beanstalk Bounce

The first event this week is Beanstalk Bounce, a game that we first saw in the Great Moshi Beanstalk missions.

The good news for non-members is that you get the option of the four available power-ups too.

  • Twaddle, who allows you to Jump Higher
  • Grinny, gives you the ability to Fall Slower
  • Slurpy, give you one huge Mega Boost
  • Weeny, who’ll give you an Extra Life to play with.


So what are we playing for? Well, the top three teams in each event will get an award. I’m assuming it’s an item that we can put in our rooms. The three awards are:

Moshi Frosty Games Awards

So are you looking forward to competing in the Moshi Frosty Games and which team do you think is going to win?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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On Feb 15, 03:28 PM Adriana wrote:

Hopefully Team-Katsuma! Squiggles is a katsuma, so of course I’m on that side!
I like it, and that picture you used at the beginning for the score-sheets, that’s exactly how my monsters’ one looked!

On Feb 15, 10:09 AM Shontelle wrote:

This I wish I can win!

On Feb 13, 08:05 PM Charlotte Stillman wrote:

how do you join the team?

Moshi Secrets: The teams are the same as your Moshi monster type (Poppet, Zommer, Katsuma etc)

On Feb 12, 06:24 PM Frankie wrote:

Hello moshis

I love u