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The Great Moshi Beanstalk has arrived!

The Great Moshi Beanstalk

Exciting news in Monstro City as a huge beanstalk has spouted and grown up through the clouds!

All is not right though, as it seems Strangeglove is climbing the Beanstalk to get to the strange magical lands at the top!

The Great Moshi Beanstalk is a bit of an unusual mix for Moshi Monsters, but we’ll try and describe it as best we can – and we’ll get a walkthrough online a little later!

Where can I find the beanstalk?

To get to the beanstalk, you’ll need to go to the top-right hand corner of the Map where you’ll see the Beanstalk growing into the clouds – or you can click on the Great Moshi Beanstalk image on the new “What’s New” drop down in the corner of your zoo.

So what’s the Beanstalk about?

As you climb the Beanstalk, there are four separate places to explore. It looks like there will be a multi-part mission in each zone.

How do you climb the Beanstalk?

To get to the various missions on the way up the Beanstalk you need to play a mini game

The mini-game sees you climbing up the Beanstalk by bouncing up platforms. You use the mouse to more left and right. If you miss a platform, you’ll fall all the way down again.

Don’t worry though, because any points you earn climbing the beanstalk will see you move up along the stalk. The more points you earn, the further you’ll more.

You’ll have to play the platform game a few times to unlock the various missions on the way.

Once you’ve completed the zone you’ll find your way blocked until the next zone in unlocked next week. You can still play the beanstalk mini-game for Rox!

So what are the places we’ll find on the way up the beanstalk?

The four zones are:

  • Twaddleton
  • Grinchester
  • Lolly Landing
  • Cloud Kingdom

In each zone there are parts of a mission to unlock as you climb. (In the first zone, the final, third mission is for members only I’m afriad.)

Once you complete the missions in each zone you’ll earn yourself Rox, XP and a Moshling.

You’ll earn the following Moshlings:

  • Twaddle, the Waddling Fluffle in Twaddleton
  • Grinny, the Persuasive Pusskiss
  • Slurpy, the Lickity Lizard
    & Weeny, the Teeny Geenie

So what do you think of the Great Moshi Beanstalk? Let us know in the comments below!


 Textile help
On Aug 9, 12:14 PM Sam1 wrote:

thanks so much for the advice this is a great website

On Aug 8, 07:50 AM Mikael wrote:

Hint if the bar does not move:

It seems there is a bug.
If I use Internet Explorer the bar doesn’t move. Rather frustrating :)
However it works if I use Google Chrome.


On Aug 7, 08:47 PM Lea wrote:

The mini game to climb is annoying

On Aug 7, 06:06 PM nawshin wrote:

i wish i get twaddle. it is only for member! not fair!

On Aug 7, 07:26 AM Oliver wrote:

how do I get weeny slurpy and grinny

On Aug 7, 06:57 AM Adria wrote:

its COOL

On Aug 7, 12:41 AM Scarlett wrote:

We cannot climb up even though we’ve gotten up to about 22,000. Track doesn’t move. We’ve emailed Moshi. Anyone else had problems with the track not moving? We’re ok with our other account but this account has been a problem. :(

Moshi Secrets: It's not something that we've seen on any of our account - but do let us know what Moshi Monsters tell you!

On Aug 6, 08:13 PM moshifan wrote:

WOW!!! It’s even better than the pirates!

On Aug 6, 06:22 PM Amber wrote:

these are members only moshlings so not fair!

On Aug 6, 05:34 PM ben wrote:

it said that it would take 7 days to unlock the next mission so technically it will take about 3 more weeks to complete all of the beanstalk! is this true do you think?

On Aug 6, 04:13 PM klara006 wrote:

it is very hard! how many points do you need to unlock the first mission?

On Aug 6, 02:50 PM awesome wrote:

I got to the top and there is a new moshling that is a puffin called giggles(you don`t find out his name in the quest and please add me my monster`s name is snugibugi

On Aug 6, 02:47 PM whats my name wrote:

i just got twaddle!

On Aug 6, 12:14 PM jackjary wrote: