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Super-Moshi Mission Lost in Hong Bong Returns

Lost In Hong Bong Mission

Just like the recent return of the Freezy Riders mini-mission the super-moshi mission, Lost in Hong Bong has also appeared on the “What’s New” drop-down.

When you complete the mission you don’t get a Moshling. You’ll get 500 XP and 200 Rox and if you find all three EPICs you’ll get another 500 Rox. You’ll also get a secret code for a “Little Miss Mellow Yellow” lantern.

You can find out how to get all three EPICs in our complete Lost in Hong Bong Walkthrough.

Both Freezy Rider and Lost in Hong Bong have been released under the “Moshi Classics” label, and unfortunately you’ll need to be a Moshi Member to play these old missions.

At least we know why Captain Buck isn’t at the Port at the moment!


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On Jan 7, 05:36 PM e wrote:

what moshling?

On Nov 28, 06:45 PM lego wrote:

thats cool

On Nov 28, 02:44 PM MoshiDriven wrote:

Splatter is in the zoo yay!