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Super-Moshi Mission Freezy Rider Returns!

In a surprising turn of events, a previous mini-mission has reappeared – this time with the “Moshi Classics” label.

As long as you’re a Moshi Member, you can now play Freezy Rider, by clicking on the Mission from the drop down menu on your home screen.

Even if you’ve played it before, you can still get some XP and Rox for your trouble , and there are three epics to get that’ll earn you even more Rox! (Can’t be bad!)

Check out our complete walk-through to this mini mission.

If you’re not a Moshi Member then you can still get Long Beard as he now has a flower combination – you can find out more here.


 Textile help
On Nov 21, 11:45 AM Abi wrote:

Firstly:thanks,you have helped me so much! I found the mission, but the stunt rider part did not work,It did not respond when I pressed the arrow keys. Is this a glitch,or can you maybe help? Thanks again for all the help!

On Nov 21, 12:20 AM ellie wrote:

i played it last year. I don’t really care about it.

On Nov 20, 06:31 PM Ella Blake wrote:

Its unfair because I’m NOT a moshi member!!!