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Somewhere Clover the Rainbow Returns

Somewhere Clover the Rainbow

Moshi Monsters have re-released the Somewhere Clover the Rainbow mission under their “Moshi Classic” label.

In the Mission you need to find items of the colours of the rainbow in order to return colour to Monstro City.

The good news is that as you complete each part you get a code for the items!

The bad news is that you’ll need to be a Moshi Member to play parts 4,5,6, and 7.

When the Mission was first published, the Moshling that you got for completing the mission was O’Really. However, the article on the Daily Growl that announced the return of this mission says:

The best part? At the end of this mission you’ll get a Moshling! Yippee! Pssst! It’s not the Moshling you think it’s going to be!

Now can you think of a new Moshling that has appeared that might have a Rainbow theme? We’re guessing that the Moshling you’ll get from completing this mission will now be Mrs Snoodle!

If you need any help with the mission, we’ve got a full walk-though for Somewhere Clover the Rainbow.

The walkthrough also tells you the code you get with each part of the game. Don’t worry if you’ve already played it when it was originally released – you can use the codes from Somewhere Clover the Rainbow more than once!


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On Apr 16, 08:28 AM flutter-shy-lover wrote:

did someone say rainbow?

cheats for rainbows!

add me if you want to be my friend

On Apr 4, 06:49 PM woolly76sun wrote:

I got Hissy, very disappointed

On Mar 29, 01:05 PM kylo wrote:

You don’t get Mrs.Snoodle you get splatter.You get Mrs.Snoodle by buying plush toy