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Seed packets get a redesign

New look seed packets

If you’ve popped along to the Seed Card or Super Seeds recently you’ll notice that there’s been a pretty radical change to the appearance of the seed packets.

The different flowers are now all gray on a multi-coloured background.

xk4yl2zx alerted us of this latest change. She wrote:

“hello, has anyone else the new colour wheel for flower seeds? Have they removed the black and pink flowers from the seeds? I’m thinking the flower combos are about to get harder, if you go to the seed store, they have put a colour wheel behind black and white image of flowers. There’s 3 new colours that we don’t currently get,a lighter,sky blue, an orange and a green, but the black and pink is not on the wheel?

Any ideas as to whether this is just a new design or whether these are going to become the actual flower colours at all, as im trying to get oddie and obviously he needs blue,yellow and black stars :-/ been trying for over a week and ended up with 8 snookums so far :( “

Thanks for getting in touch with us. I’m not sure you should read too much into the new seed packet design. Here’s our thoughts on the change:

Has anything actually changed?

Well apart from the look of the seed packets it doesn’t seem as if anything has actually changed. The seeds are the same and the plants grow in exactly the same 6 colours: Purple, Blue, Black, Pink, Red and Yellow.

Will Moshi Monsters add more colours or more types of plant?

Well they might, but who knows! As they keep adding more Moshlings that you can attract to your garden, the more combinations they’re going to use up.

With 3 plants, of 8 types in 6 colours – this gives you a whopping 110592 different combinations (8×6^3) although some combinations are used up with the more common moshlings that have any colour flowers in their combinations. That doesn’t stop them from having specific combinations that use the same flowers – just look at what happens when you try to get Oddie!

So why change the packets?

We know from the comments and emails we get here at Moshi Secrets that there has been some confusion in the past about how to get the different colour plants that you need to catch moshlings.

I strongly suspect that they changed the design of the packets, and the flowers shown on the packets to make it clear that you’re buy a random colour – not a particular colour.

There’s no way you can buy the right colour seeds, you’ve just got to plant it in your garden and hope that it comes up the colour that you need.

You can find out which flower combinations you need on our Moshling Flower Combinations page

So how do you get Oddie?

Well, getting Oddie is pretty tricky. If you’ve tried then you’ll know just how hard it is to get it.

To get Oddie you need one purple, one black and one yellow star blossom. Doesn’t sound too bad does it. Just keep re-planting Star Blosson’s until you get the colour combination you need.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy. You see, Snookum’s combination is any three Star Blossoms. So every time you try to get Oddie and get the wrong colours you’ll end up with Snookums and have to start by planting all three flowers again.

How to make getting Oddie easier.

If you plant three Star Blossoms then your chance of getting Oddie is a minuscule 0.4%! Whoah!

The trick to getting Oddie, is to only plant two Star Blossoms. Keep digging them up and re-planting them until you get two star blossoms in the colours you need to get Oddie.

Once you’ve got that, then it’s time to cross your fingers and plant the third Star Blossom and hope that’ll it’ll come up in the last colour your need.

Although, the chances of this happening are 1 in 6 or 16.6% (there are 6 colours in total) so expect to go through this process a few times until you get the elusive Moshling!

Have you got Oddie? How long did it take you? And who’s got the most Snookum’s in their Zoo?

Let us know in the comments below!


 Textile help
On Jul 22, 05:55 PM 333cc66jj99tt1999 wrote:

when I first made my monster, I wanted snookums so I planted 3 starblossoms, and when I chescked back I got odie!

On Jul 22, 12:41 PM sophie wrote:

i have got4 snookums he is so silly

On Jul 16, 05:17 PM hey wrote:

my sister got oddie on the first try

On Jul 15, 10:55 AM maya wrote:

I have oddie, I planted two seeds till I got the right flower combination then I planted my third seed and got him first time round…..I found him quite easy to get, maybe I was very lucky..

On Jul 15, 09:15 AM kate wrote:

hi gess what I got oddi the 2time I tried. ah ah ah ah ah how many snookum’s have you got

On Jul 15, 07:13 AM ipodcat6 wrote:

y do you like moshi monster if you don’t you are were the moshi monster are awesome and cool

On Jul 14, 06:08 AM Rhys wrote:

I have 3 Oddies. When I try to get him I plant 2 Star Blossoms and try to get the Purple and Black then I try for the Yellow. I have founf it works pretty well.

On Jul 13, 04:33 PM Moshi monster fan club wrote:

Back when I made my account,there was no tutorial,so I never got snookums.I tried to get him,but instead,I got oddie!!!so I never had snookums and I never will…

On Jul 13, 02:45 PM sunshine56777 wrote:

the frist time i did the code to get oddie i got him

On Jul 13, 11:30 AM Lewis wrote:

I had snookums 15 times


On Jul 12, 10:14 PM jessica wrote:

hi! i just wanted to point out that the exclusive moshling seed pack did not change at all. maybe because these plants only come in one color. i still have my myterious moshling plant to get hiphop! and it is rather the same as all exclusive moshling seeds.

On Jul 12, 07:06 PM matthew wrote:

i got 6 and to get oddie do that trick plant two until there the right colour then do this trick till you get oddie then plant the third and keep planting it until you get oddie it is known on the 13th try you WILL get him

On Jul 12, 09:08 AM deejay wrote:

Hey if u dont want to get 100 snookums then just set him free if u already have him until u get oddie

On Jul 12, 08:03 AM rosie wrote:


On Jul 11, 10:10 PM Weirdycandy50 wrote:

Hi I actually had the same idea because it made sense and after trying it I got him the first time I tried the plan so others should really try it really it works

On Jul 11, 02:29 PM Webkinzloverjrh wrote:

I used that trick to get Oddie! After a week of frustration and pretty much a total of 945 rox spent, I used the trick and it worked for me the first time. :)

On Jul 11, 08:13 AM ella cantley wrote:

my zoo shows flower combos

On Jul 11, 04:54 AM Nargles_Exist! wrote:


On Jul 11, 12:43 AM Celeste wrote:

Hi! Well, actually that’s the way I got Oddie! I mean, I planted two seeds in order to get two of the right colors and when I got them, I planted the other star blossom seed. And finally, I got Oddie! :D

On Jul 11, 12:42 AM Lea wrote:

I hate the new desgin packets. The old ones were so much better!

Also when you go to dig up a flower the message asking
“Are you sure you want to dig up this flower?” is a lot different. And I’m pretty sure the bird just sits there now.

Also on my one accoount a splash message (like how the missions come up) appeared and said the zoo now shows Moshlings combos but I can’t see it..

On Jul 10, 11:49 PM Kaitlin wrote:

Well I tell no lie this message came up on my account: nicodiangelo122 but it hasnt come up on my other three..its SO strange

On Jul 10, 11:38 PM Rachel wrote:

do you think their trying to trick us???

On Jul 10, 08:38 PM k4yl2 wrote:

ill try that, sounds like a better idea lol, thank u :)
Ive just got my 9th (i think) snookums lol, the only changes in the garden ive noticed is the sign on the ‘home’ door has been changed, cluekoo doesnt talk now, n when my daughter dug up a seed, instead of a small box, a big one appeared. I have no combos in my zoo thou.
Thanks again for your help, this is what i am going to do now lol,ill let u no how i get on haha

On Jul 10, 07:15 PM jamaal wrote:

hi I looked onto my zoo when I pressed the name of the moshling it tells you the seed combo when I clicked Bentley it said his combination it was black star blossom black star blossom and black moon orchid

On Jul 10, 06:12 PM chelsey wrote:

i want oddie he’s soooooooo cute.

On Jul 10, 05:49 PM lemuel wrote:

I wonder if there are hundreds more moshlings coming?

On Jul 10, 05:35 PM tanya wrote:

i got oddie a long time ago. he was one of my first moshlings all I did was plant anything I think I planted 3 star blossoms. he was my third moshling

On Jul 10, 05:27 PM Helen wrote:

I had 23 Snookums to set free before I got Oddie! Started to feel guilty, or wonder whether it was the same one coming back every time?

I can see seed combinations in my zoo, yes. But in my partner’s account we can’t, and the garden seems to be stuck – it won’t tell him what colour the flowers are, and whether they are correct or not. Nothing happens at all, Frustrating.

Love the site, keep up the good work.

On Jul 10, 05:20 PM jayme wrote:

One of mine had the changes. They give you the seed combo where it usually shows which ones you have in your house. They also had the combo for Bentley which is great since I missed him during the hunt thing….2 black stars and a black moon

On Jul 10, 05:07 PM Xiana wrote:

Hey, just want to point this out but if you want to see the combination for the Moshlings then you have to click on their name to find out

On Jul 10, 04:45 PM nathan wrote:

I have 23 and counting snookums’s.I am trying to get oddie but I just keep getting snookums’s

On Jul 10, 04:13 PM playfulghost99 wrote:

thats weird because i have a black love berry in my garden on my account, playfulghost99

On Jul 10, 03:27 PM Kaitlin wrote:

HASNT ANYONE NOTICED the changes to the garden! All of a sudden the Cluekoo just sits there doing NOTHING and a whole lot else has changed in the garden too….you should go look..PLUS on my account: nicodiangelo122
it came up with a message saying that the zoo now showed moshling combos on my other three accounts I havent got this and this account isnt a member so I cant see if the zoo really has changed

Moshi Secrets: Can't see anything different in my Zoo, certainly no combos!