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Quests Return as Daily Prize Quests

Moshi Monsters - Daily Prize Quests

Just like a lot of you out there, we’d thought that we’d seen the last of Quests. In fact, we were even thinking of writing an article about their demise. So we were surprised to see them return – in the shape of “Daily Prize Quests.”

The new “Daily Prize Quests” have the tag-line “Win a Mystery Prize” every day. So are these the same quests that we’ve had in the past or are they something new?

The quests seem to work in exactly the same way that they did before. You need to find a Monster with a “!” sign above their head. Click on them and you’ll get a task to complete.

These are the same kind of tasks that we’ve seen before such as finding a lost object, playing a mini-game, putting together a jigsaw or scrubbing the floor etc.

Once you complete the quest, you don’t just earn Rox or XP.

Now you’ll get the familiar wobbly chest appear. When it opens you’ll be awarded a random prize. Everything from XP, Rox, Wallpaper, Moshlings and other items!

Completing quests also helps you earn medals!. You can get the “Helping Hand”, “Friend in Need” and the “Monsto Hero” medals by completing quests.

Having “Daily” in the name, made us think that you could only do these quests once a day. However we’ve managed to do two quests on a couple of days this week. This may be a bug, but keep your eyes peeled for those monsters!

Let us know what you’ve managed to get from completing the quests. Tell us in the comments below!


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On Feb 28, 08:26 AM madeleine wrote:

your a member so you can do 3 quests! its amazing and im glad i am a member this time!!!!!!!!!! i got a fifi moshi,a scruffy carpet floor and food

On Feb 12, 08:56 PM Lea wrote:

I’m happy they’re back :)

On Feb 12, 08:54 PM Lea wrote:

Members can do three quests per day, non-member can only do one a day.

Isn’t that how it was before?

Moshi Secrets: I'm not sure. I think you're only meant to do one a day. II've definately not been able to do three quests recently!