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Poppet Delivers Valentines Day Items

Poppet - Moshi Monsters

It was Valentines day on Friday last week and to celebrate, Moshi Monsters added a whole load of Valentines Day related goodies to buy with your Rox!

You’ll find all these items for sale at Bizarre Bazaar (freshly delivered by Poppet) which you can visit by going to Main Street.

The nice thing about the Valentines items is that you don’t need to be a member to get any of them, and they’re all Level 1 items too!

What Items can you get?

Valentines Day Items

  • Valentines Letter L (Rox:95, Level:1)
  • Valentines Letter O (Rox:100 Level:)
  • Valentines Letter V (Rox:105, Level:1)
  • Valentines Letter E (Rox:130, Level:1)
  • Hanging Decoration (Still waiting to see this in the shop)
  • Valentine goopid Plush (Rox:125, Level:1)
  • Valentines Love a Lamp (Rox:110, Level:1)
  • Valentines Heart Tower (Rox:115 Level:1)

You may not see all of these items for sale when you visit as the inventory the shops have to offer changed every 15 minutes so you may need to come back a few times before you get the items you want to buy.

We’ve not seen the item on the left yet – so if you know what it’s called, how many Rox you need to buy it etc, then do let us know!

Poppet Mission, “Unusual Suspects” is free for everyone!

Also, remember that the Poppet Super Moshi Mission (Usual Suspects) is also free to play for non-members. You’ll find it by clicking on the Super Moshi Missions button in your home. It’s the first mission in Season 3. Of course, we’ve got a full walkthrough for that.

What do you think of these items? Have you got any in your room already? Let us know in the comments below!


 Textile help
On Feb 17, 12:44 AM Lea wrote:

There’s also the ‘Daily Growl Lurve Heart’, from last year, for 35 rox (level one), and the ‘Bubba Cupid’, from last year, for 28 rox (level one)

On Feb 16, 07:08 PM skcosa wrote:

I’ve done the mission 13 times and I just bought everything