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Pirate Take-Over Continues

Pirate Take-Over - The Great Moshi Treasure Hunt

The pirate take-over continues on Moshi Monsters with all of the action happening down on Bleurgh Beach.

Here’s a quick run through of everything that’s been going on and what you can now find on Bleurgh Beach, which is starting to look a bit crowded!

Build a model of the Gooey Galleon

In order to build your very own model of the Gooey Galleon for you room you’ll need to buy six parts from Kate’s Deck N’ Sails on Bleurgh Beach.

  • Gooey Galleon – Gangway (4 of 7) (Level:6, Rox:103)
  • Gooey Galleon – Quarter Gallery (3 of 7) (Level:3, Rox:41)
  • Gooey Galleon – Hull (Part 5 of 7) (Level:5, Rox:103)
  • Gooey Galleon – Keel (Part 6 of 7) (Level:4, Rox:84)
  • Gooey Galleon – Stand (Part 7 of 7) (Level:2, Rox: 23)
  • Gooey Galleon – Mast (Part 2 of 7) (Level:7, Rox: 213)

The final part you need is the Figure Head. To get the figure head you’ll need to use the secret code “GALLEON”.

You’ll need to put the pieces down in the following order:

  • Stand
  • Keel
  • Hull
  • Gangway
  • Quarter Gallery
  • Mast
  • Figure-head

The last three parts can be a bit of a fiddle, but at least we don’t need to get our fingers and the kitchen table covered in glue! Oops!

Scavenge-arrr Hunt

Just started today on Bleurgh Beach is the Scavenge-arrr Hunt!

Every day you can come back and talk to Captain Codswallop on the beach, undertake a quest to find lost items and get a piece of the Captain’s torn treasure map.

The first item you need to find is a Doubloon, which we found on the left hand side of Bleurgh Beech, hald hidden behind some sand.

Complete the treasure hunt and there’s a moshling up for grabs! (Could this be Bently?)

According to the info you get when you complete the first quest, the Scavenge-arrr Hunt is only available for the next 9 days.

Captian Buck Returns this week

The Daily Growl! has revealed that Captain Buck will be visiting Monstro City again this week.

With the pirate take-over in full swing it would seem odd not to get a visit from the Captain.

It seems that the Captain is bring back a ship full of pirate booty from Pirate Paradise. (“A place that pirates only DREAM of going!”)

Pirate Paradise Map

What’s he going to bring back this time? Apparently there are clues in the map.

Jaunty Jack’s Shouty Shack

Jaunty Jack’s Shouty Shack is a fun, but rather noisy, little game where you try and shout louder than your competition.

It’s best of three and if you win you can earn yourself Rox! (With all the things to buy in the three new shops on Bleurgh Beachm, we need the Rox!)

At the moment you can earn yourself 5 rox for winning, but it looks like shouting matches for 10 and 15 Rox are on their way!

You can only earn up to your daily Rox limit though.

New Items in Boot-Eek

There’s been a new shipment of Pirate themed dress-up items! You can now find the following goodies at Boot-Eek, again on Bleurgh Beach.

  • Eye Patch (Level:16, Rox:201)
  • Rox – Green (Haven’t seen this one!?)
  • Rox – Red (Level:1, Rox:17)
  • Rox – Purple (Level:1, Rox:18)
  • Peg Leg (Level:9, Rox:330)
  • Pirate Flag (Level:9, Rox:332, Member)
  • Masked Moustache (Level:10, Rox:407)
  • Flashy ‘Stache (Level:7, Rox:197, Member)
  • Pirate’s Kerchief – Spotted (Level:10, Rox:420, Member)
  • Pile O’Rox 1 (Level:2, Rox:18, Member)
  • Rox – Emerald (Level:1, Rox:5)

So what do you think of the Pirate Take over?


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On Aug 2, 03:27 PM Meerkat wrote:

Why can’t you win 15 and 30 rox in the Jaunty Jack game?

On May 24, 11:20 PM moshi master! :) wrote:

I got bentley my owner name is merlin336
the new pirate look is Aaargghhsome!!!!!

On May 23, 08:32 AM moshiawesome1945 wrote:

its bentley

On May 22, 08:27 PM matthew wrote:

i want bently

On May 22, 07:24 PM Lea wrote:

It’s pretty cool! Captain Buck returns tomorrow (Thursday)! :D