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Pirate Take-Over - Another shop opens on Bleurgh Beach

As part of the Pirtate Take-Over on Moshi Monsters, a new shop has opened on Bleurgh Beach.

The store is called “Boot-Eek!” and is located on the left hand end of Bleurgh Beach next to the other Pirate stores, McDolphins and Kate’s Deck n’ Sails.

Boot-Eek, sells the very latest in Pirate fashion! You’ll find the following dress up items on sale (or should that be “sail!”)

  • Buccaneer Sword (Level:1, Rox:89)
  • Diving Helmet (Level:10, Rox:406, Member)
  • Deck Swabber Beard (Level:1 Rox:101, Member)
  • Pirate’s Kerchief – Striped (Level:1, Rox:93)
  • Landlubber’s Sword (Level:8, Rox:272)
  • Map (Level:9 Rox:325)
  • Stick-On Starfish (Level:5, Rox:120)
  • Rox – Red (Level:1, Rox:17)
  • Gold Doubloon (Level:5, Rox:108, Member)
  • Octopus Hat (Level:11, Rox:496, Member)

HAve you tried any of these items on? What’s your favourite and how well do you think they work as dress-up items? Let us know in the comments below!


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On May 17, 05:25 PM random wrote:

i bought the pirate sword by accident!

On May 16, 01:55 PM Amber wrote:

If anyone can tell me where to find the eye-patch, I’d really appreciate it. My monster owner name is beadingbaby1989.
Even though I can’t find the eye-patch anywhere, I was able to make one of my own by putting a Gold Doubloon over my Poppet’s eye.
I really like the new stuff, but I’m glad I still have the old stuff that’s not in stores anymore to make my pirate outfit complete, like the gold earring and mustache.

On May 16, 01:33 PM Amber wrote:

Where is the pirate eye-patch? I’ve seen some monsters wearing it, but I can’t find it anywhere. :(

On May 15, 10:24 PM ethan fisher wrote:

pirates kerchief

On May 15, 06:41 PM Julia wrote:

This update is great! Moshi Monsters website works so fast now! BTW: code GALLEON for Gooey Galleon – Figurehead.

On May 15, 12:50 PM anwen wrote:

What is a doubloon?