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New Improved Moshling Garden

Seed Combination for Scrumpy

If any of your have been doing a serious amount of Moshling collecting you’ll know how frustrating it is to keep trying different combinations of flowers and having to run back and forth to the Seed Cart or Super Seeds to get the seeds that you need.

Moshi Monsters have made this process a whole lot easier in their latest Moshling Garden update – at least if you’re a Moshi member.

What’s new in the Zoo?

If you take a look in your Moshling Zoo (Sorry, members only) and click on the button with the Moshling’s name you want to collect on it, it’ll open the Moshling’s profile page.

Nothing new here, except, for most of the Moshlings, you’ll now find that where it used to tell you which Moshlins you had in your room – it now tells you the seed combination you need to plant in order to catch that particular Moshling!

Moshling Garden Update - Moshling Zoo


You’ll find that some Moshlings, particularly the Moshlings you get from completing the Super Moshi Missions don’t have a seed combination and still show the Moshlings you have in your room.

The Catch Button

Underneath the seed combination is a green button with the word catch on it!

Click on the “Catch” button and you’ll go to your Moshling Garden.

The seeds you need to plant will now be displayed in the garden under the flower beds to show you which seeds to plant as well as a picture of the Moshling you’re trying to get.

The “Remove” button under the Moshling will just turn this extra information off. Useful if you decide to try a different Moshling.

Buy and Plant Seeds with the touch of a button!

If one or more of the flower bets are empty, you’ll now get a “Plant” on that flower bed.

Moshling Garden Update - Plant Seeds

This now makes it really easy! By clicking on the button the seeds will automatically be planted for you. No need to drag them out of your seed pouch.

If you don’t have any seeds of the required type, it’ll automatically buy the seeds for your and plant them!

What about the colours?

The only thing this doesn’t do is guarantee that the seeds will grow in the right colours so you may need to replant it. But that’s easy too as they’ve added a “Dig” button on any flower that isn’t part of the combination!

Moshling Garden Update - Dig Plants

(Remember though that the position of the plants doesn’t matter. They don’t have to be in the right order. They just need to be the correct colour and the correct type.

Not a member?

If you’re not a member then you can still find out the seed combinations you need to attract your favourite Moshling by taking a look at our Flower Combinations page.

Fast Growing Flowers?

Some people still had gardens that would grow plants in 30 minutes. If you were one of them then you may find that this update now means your plants will grow in the usual 6-7 hours depending on the happiness of your Monsters.

Let us know if this has happened to you.

So what do you think of this update? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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On Aug 4, 06:15 AM khobi wrote:

Best website ever!!!!

On Aug 1, 08:59 AM Montana wrote:

OMG that is so useful it just saves me time and rox _

On Jul 31, 01:23 PM laura wrote:

i have 999 health & happines and it still takes 6 hours

On Jul 30, 04:20 PM mia perez wrote:

mine used to take just 30 min but three weeks ago it changed to 6 hours today is said 5

On Jul 30, 09:20 AM YOUSSEF wrote:

my one takes 8 hours

On Jul 29, 02:59 AM olivia wrote:

what do i have to do to get a new moshiling

On Jul 29, 02:12 AM hiiiiiii wrote:

my friends flowers take 7 hours is that normal or a glitch cause I have 6 hours

Moshi Secrets: It depends on how happy your monster is. You friend needs to feed his monster a bit to make it happier and healthier!

On Jul 28, 04:17 PM ellie wrote:

ah nuts, I still have to wait 6 to 7 hours

On Jul 28, 01:05 AM moshi master! :) wrote:

once i planted some seeds and it only took 5 hours

On Jul 28, 12:28 AM Lea wrote:

It’s great! Makes it so much easier! But non-members can also do it too, they just have to go to a member’s house and go to their zoo and click on the “catch!” button!

On Jul 27, 12:00 PM emmy wrote:

mine dont have that ‘DIG’ button anywhere btw im not a member

Moshi Secrets: Only members will see these new features.