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New Gustbusters items available in stores now!

Gustbusters Items to buy

As part of the Gustbusters mission, a whole load of new items, food and clothes have appeared in the Stores around Monstro City.

We’ve had a wander around and visited the stores to find out how much they cost and what level you need to be.

Grossery Store

There are a couple of items we’ve not found in the store yet. We’ll update the list as soon as we do though.

The new food you’ll find for sale in the Grocery store is:

  • Cloud Castle Ice Scream Sunday (Rox:19, Level:3, Members)
  • Roarberry Ice Pop (Rox:8, Level:1, Member)
  • Pond Pop
  • Puddle Pop (Rox:21, Level:1)
  • Wobbled Hot Dog (Rox:8, Level:2, Member)
  • Freeze Dried Eggy Mayo (Rox:51, Level:11, Members)
  • Wobbled Chocolate Coated Broccoli (Rox:13, Level:4)
  • Smelly Sock Pie (Rox:18, Level:6)
  • Rotten Candy
  • Wobbled Spamburger (Rox:29, Level:3)
  • Bottled Pong (Rox:56, Level:7, Member)
  • HooDoo Stew (Rox:15, Level:9, Member)

Bizarre Bazaar

  • Stormy Weather Lamp (Rox:48, Level:7, Member)
  • Silver Linings Wall Hanger (Members)
  • Sprinkles Watering Can (Rox:52, Level:12)


You can find the following items for sale at the Marketplace. Don’t forget that if your shop doesn’t have the item you’re looking for you can always call into one of the others. The clothes aren’t monster specific anymore. It’ll save you from having to wait 15 minutes for the items available to change.

Here’s a list of the new items available in the Marketplace.

We’ve not seen the Hoodoo hats yet, or the Climbers utility belt. If you do, let us know what level you need to be and how many Rox it costs!

  • Hoodoo Ice Scream Wafer Hat
  • Hoodoo Ice Scream Sundae Hat (Members)
  • Hoodoo Ice Scream Choc-Stick Hat
  • Drizzly Cloud Wig (Rox:330, Level:9)
  • Fluffy Cloud Wig (Rox:208, Level:7, Member)
  • Windy Cloud Wig (Rox:39, Level:3)
  • Niff-No-More Nose Peg (Rox:9, Level:1)
  • Bunch of Blooms (Rox:45, Level:3)
  • Rain Brain Umbrella Hat (Rox:36, Level:2)
  • Cliffhanger Climber’s Helmet (Rox:102, Level:5)
  • Cliffhanger Climber’s utility Belt (Member)
  • Cardboard Cloud Camouflage (Rox:579, Level:12, Member)
  • Cloud Rider XL5 (Rox:408, Level:10, Member)
  • Gustavo’s Beard (Rox:486, Level:11)

So what do you think of these items? Let us know in the comments below!


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On Jul 23, 08:56 PM amy wrote:

Happy 100 moshlings, moshi!

On Jul 22, 07:21 PM whats my name wrote:

you need to write an article about the new moshling pinestein available now in the moshi monster zoo!

On Jul 22, 06:04 PM Kaitlin wrote:

Woah I just looked in my zoo and the Brainies set has been added with Pinestein

On Jul 20, 09:11 PM Brianna wrote:

nice!! i love that you guys created some food that my monster,Carly actully likes!! big thumbs up!!

On Jul 20, 03:19 PM Basmala wrote:

It is the best,But how do i get new rooms?

On Jul 20, 07:17 AM Asif wrote:

Moshi secrets is the store on bleurgh beach by captain buck?

On Jul 18, 04:48 PM emmy wrote:

the Silver Linings Wall Hanger is never in Bizarre Bazaar and my membership runs out tmoz :(

On Jul 17, 10:08 PM bella wrote:

they are awesome but I am only on level 7

On Jul 17, 08:54 PM Kaitlin wrote:

Hi Moshi Secrets! I thought I should point out that the Hoodoo Stew isn’t for members only, its available on two of my accounts who are at the level of buying the item who aren’t members, and theres no members tag or anything, it seems to be for everyone! Which is good because it increases happiness by 170 and health by 180 at least for my Katsumas

On Jul 17, 08:18 PM Kaitlin wrote:

Woah they’re cool but I wish they didn’t have to be members items! Im a member on my MAIN account which is awesome but on my others Im not and its really unfair! Also ‘lifes’ items aren’t members only!

On Jul 17, 07:12 PM LunaLovegood wrote:

they need to make more normal clothes, idk about you but i don’t walk around wearing ice cream on my head…

On Jul 17, 07:08 PM moshifan wrote:

I love the new items! So great to have new things to buy as I have too many rox.

So if you add me, rate me 5 stars and leave me a message with the visit number I will send you a present as a thank you!


On Jul 17, 05:17 PM k4yl2 wrote:

mine loves the roarberry pop :)

On Jul 17, 04:46 PM Asif wrote:

Hello moshi secrets i am new to this site and i tottaly love this site! I have a question how many missions are open to non members? Is it still the first mission?

On Jul 17, 04:30 PM Chelsie wrote:

Cool items you have created!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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