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Mystery Gifts Updated

Mystery Gifts Shop

I think most people would agree that the introduction of Mystery Gifts to Moshi Monsters was a great idea. However, ever since Mystery Gifts appeared in the Gift Room, we’ve had lots of complaints that it was really buggy and didn’t work for some people.

The good news is that Mystery Gifts have been updated and it’s addressed most of the problems that people had been encountering.

In your home

The first things you’ll notice is the new updated mystery gifts button. It’s now a lot more obvious when you’ve got mystery gifts waiting for you as it now dances up and down all over the place!

Mystery Gifts Room

If you’ve received any gifts you’ll now notice that they are now in different colours: Red, Green and Purple. Each of these boxes now contain different things: Rox, Food or Seeds.

Mystery Gifts Room

The really good news is that the problems you used to get if you tried to open all the gifts too quickly have been fixed.

Even when you’ve opened a gift it remains in your gift room even as you click on the arrows left and right to go through the different pages. Previously the gifts would disappear which meant that if you’d not already sent a gift back, you’d no longer be able to.

Once you close the gift room any opened mystery gifts will be removed. Any unopened mystery gifts still remain. (Your other Movie Gifts will also still stay there.)

The “Send Mystery Gifts” button has been moved up to the top right hand corned of the screen.

No gifts?

If you’ve not received any gifts you’ll get the following pop-up to get you to send some gifts to your friends.

Mystery Gifts Room Empty

Mystery Gifts on Gift Island

You can now chose the type of gift you want to send. You’ve got the following options:

Green Seed Box

There are 8 different combinations of seeds that people will get if you send them a Green Seed Box. Some are specific colours. The seeds are:

  • Star Blossom (Yellow)
  • Moon Orchid (Any)
  • Dragon Fruit (Any)
  • Crazy Daisy (Any)
  • Love Berries (Red)
  • Love Berries (Any)
  • Snap Apple (Black)
  • Hot Silly Peppers (Any)

Red Food Box

If you send a red box, the recipients will get one of the following eight foot items:

  • Scummi Bears
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Trashcan Surprise
  • Mr. Tea
  • Cube O’Gloop
  • Gloopberry Muffin
  • Bangers and Mash

Blue Rox Box

The blue box will contain one of a selection of Rox or XP amounts:

  • 50 XP
  • 50 Rox
  • 20 XP
  • 20 Rox
  • 10 XP
  • 10 Rox
  • 5 XP
  • 5 Rox

Choosing Recipients

Once you’ve selected the type of the box you wish to send you now have to chose the friends you want to send the box too.

As usual you can chose 10. Non-Members can only send 10 gifts each day. If you’re a Moshi Member you can send as many as you like (sending 10 at a time, and you can only send one gift to each person on your friend tree each day.)

When you select the gift and the friends tree is displayed – you’ll notice that people you’ve already sent gifts to are marked as “Already Sent”

The Random choice button has been renamed to “Pick 10”

There is still a bug, once you’ve clicked on the “Pick 10” button. If you remove the names and then try to use the “Pick 10” button again – it doesn’t work.

The “Pick 10” button no longer picks people at random. It just picks the next 10 people on your friends tree.

When you send the give you get a new animation as the box is sent.

What do you think of the update? Let us know in the comments below!


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On Oct 23, 05:37 AM Kethlyn wrote:

This Website has NIIIICEEE

On Oct 22, 08:40 PM Milly wrote:

This website is really handy!!!!

On Oct 21, 02:06 PM lena wrote:

hellokittygirl20029 is my bff on moshimonsters

On Oct 8, 07:06 AM lily wrote:

i think these tips are great because confused pepole can come here and learn about it

On Oct 7, 05:56 AM Lea wrote:

So now the mystery gifts are supposed to stay in your gift room?? They still disappear after I open them and send one back on me!!

On Oct 7, 01:17 AM Scarlett wrote:

We can’t believe that it’s happening again. Twice today the error #2035 and yesterday and on our other account too even after they’ve reportedly fixed the bug….. grrrr. I wish we could be compensated for the all losses with a special Moshling code from Moshi IT!!!

On Oct 6, 03:33 PM abigail naylor wrote:

this website is fabtastic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On Oct 6, 03:53 AM kenlewis wrote:


On Oct 6, 03:46 AM thetoycollectingpanda16 SUBSCRIBE wrote:

I discoverd this when hellokittygirl20029 (themoshimonsterkitty)sent me a green one . So cool

On Oct 6, 02:17 AM Kritchanon wrote:

Can non-members get Crazy Daisy and/or Snap Apple?

On Oct 6, 01:05 AM heather wrote:

I think that the update is good and that they should put mystery items like tables and things in as well

On Oct 5, 06:45 PM Michelle wrote:

I’ve not been able to see my mystery gifts! I’ve got at least 20 of them waiting! Whenever I try to open them, it shows error #2035..

On Oct 5, 08:30 AM marcey bell wrote:

my gifts keep saying error

On Oct 5, 07:39 AM Ariana wrote:

Cool but when your in the room and you get a gift if you send one back it doesnt let you choose wich gift to send

On Oct 5, 06:18 AM Scarlett wrote:

Hi. We’ve had trouble again with the gift bug. Error when trying to open and then we lose the gift. Not happy as we’ve lost so many from both our accounts.

On Oct 5, 05:50 AM michelle wrote:

I think it should be purple box not blue.

On Oct 4, 11:19 PM Lea wrote:

Sounds great!

On Oct 4, 08:25 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

I like it ;)

On Oct 4, 04:18 PM Thomas H wrote:

My presents still aren’t working, It keeps saying whoops when I try to open them and I have loads to open. It’s really annoying!