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Moshling Watch - Ziggy and the Music Gooperstars

Ziggy Moshling

Moshi Monsters are certainly keeping us busy, with a constant flow of new Moshlings. What we hadn’t realised was that Betty’s release was part of a series called Moshi Music Gooperstars Moshlings. (Catchy name!)

As well as Betty from last week, this week we see the release of Ziggy, the Quirky Koala and next week – well, from the splash screen the outline looks like Prickles to us – but that can’t be right can it!?

Music Gooperstars

As usual the Daily Growl teased us with a clue to Ziggy’s release. This time it was a melted photo!.

Ziggy is the third Moshling to be released in the Roxstars set along with Zack Binspin and Bobbi Singsong. Just one more Moshling to be released and we’ll be able to get the whole set.

According to his profile in the Moshling Zoo, Ziggy is an uncommon Moshling.

You’ll need to plant the following seed combination in order to get Ziggy the glamrock inspired Moshling:

  • Hot Silly Peppers (ANY)
  • Moon Orchid (ANY)
  • Crazy Daisy (BLACK)

You’ll notice that a Crazy Daisy is required. This is only available to Moshi Members.

But hold on, there’s some confusion here too because the Daily Growl also published a different seed combination when they announced Ziggy’s appearance!

The downside is that this combination also need a Crazy Daisy, so Ziggy will only be available to Moshi Members.

The combination published in the Daily Growl was:

  • Dragon Fruit (ANY)
  • Dragon Fruit (ANY)
  • Crazy Daisy (BLACK)

We don’t know if this alternative combination works. Have you tried it? We’d love to know if it does. Let us know in the comments below.


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On Sep 20, 12:26 AM xk4yl2zx wrote:

i got him, think it was with 2 dragons, took me 3 tries to get the daisy though haha, now onto the harder ones……long beard, cosmo or microdave…who will it be… lol

On Sep 16, 11:56 PM moshimonsters wrote:

maybe the last gooperstar is broccoli spears

On Sep 15, 10:42 PM moshiplayer156 wrote:

The third moshling is either King Toot or Hissy.

On Sep 15, 09:46 PM Dylan wrote:

3d moshlings might be peekaboo on moshlings.com!

On Sep 15, 08:58 PM cillian wrote:

hey if hissy is joinen can you call hes groop cooldodss

On Sep 15, 08:55 PM cillian wrote:

hold on their it said that ziggy was utra RARE way is he uncommin now

On Sep 15, 05:05 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

Its not prickles, i read it on another site, n apparently moshi support confirmed its not prickles but is an ‘unidentified’ moshling that noone knows…… not long til we find out now, i reckon its another Potties though :)

Moshi Secrets: Well, we're thinking it's Hissy now - he's just been teased i the Daily Growl...

On Sep 14, 07:08 PM moshiplayer156 wrote:

I have 2 Ziggys and the combo with two dragon fruits works. You also spelled fruits wrong. I believe that Prickles was a mistake and was meant to be King Toot.

On Sep 14, 06:10 PM brendan wrote:

the daily growl dosnt work

On Sep 14, 04:48 PM Lea wrote:

The third Moshling certainly does look like Prickles!…

On Sep 14, 04:47 PM Lea wrote:

I got Ziggy by any two Dragon Fruit & a black Crazy Daisy!

Where did you get the combination that’s a Hot Silly Pepper and a Moon Orchid? The two Dragon Fruit is what it shows in his profile (in the zoo), on the Daily Growl and when you click him in the “Choose Moshling” in your Garden..

On Sep 14, 04:34 PM rizk wrote:

i got him on my first try

On Sep 14, 01:07 PM blue1k9 wrote:

ive tried growing ziggy before and its a little hard