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Moshling Watch - Zack Binspin finally appears in Zoo

Zack Binspin Moshling

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re glad to report that a slot for Zack Binspin has finally appeared in out Moshling Zoo!

There’s also another small update to the Moshling Zoo that you might find interesting! You might even get a sneak preview of the Zack Binspin mission which meant to be available until Monday!

It’s no secret that the new Super Moshi mission “Moptop Mischief” features Zack Binspin as it’s major character and it’s expected that you’ll get Zack by completing this mission.

Zack Binspin, a “Moptop Tweenybop” is an Ultra Rare Moshling in the RoxStars set. He’s Moshling number 107.

Zack will be the second Moshling in the Roxstars set to be released. The other Moshling, Bobbi SingSong can be obtained by completing the Season 2 Super Moshi Mission “Welcome to Jollywood.

We all know Zack from his song Moptop Tweenybop (my Hair’s Too Long) from the Music Rox Moshi Music album and his appearance in the Season 2 Super Moshi Mission “Close Encounters of the Zoshi Kind“.

Zoo Update

If you’re a Moshi Member, then there’s another update to the Zoo.

In a recent update Moshi Monsters made it possible to find out the flower combination you need to get Moshlings by clicking on the button under their slot in the Moshling Zoo.

Now, if you click on a Moshling that you can’t get by planting flowers, you’ll now see one of two things:

  • A message that reads “Catch by completing:” and the name of the mission along with a friendly button to take you to the Mission.
  • Or a “Top SECRET” stamp.

You’ll see the “Top Secret” stamp when you look at Moshlings that are only available by buying Moshi Merchandise (like Lummox) or From Special Missions that are no longer available (like Long Beard).

But wait! Zack Binspin’s profile has a link to the Mission!

Zack Binspin Moshling Zoo Profile

You noticed that? If you take a look at Zack’s profile in the Moshling Zoo (click on his name below his slot in the Roxstars set.), you’ll notice that it says “Catch by Completing: Season 3 Mission 6 Music”

And there’s a big green button “GO TO MISSION

Now I don’t think this is meant to be there quite yet, but if you click on this button you’ll get to play the first part of Moptop Mischief!

Note that you can’t complete the mission though. You’ll get to a certain point and it’ll stop.

So, what do you think of this update and are you looking forward to getting Zack Binspin? Let us know in the comments below.


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On Sep 6, 09:58 AM lawrence wrote:

Thanks,this is lots of help

On Sep 4, 03:16 AM zoe wrote:

uh yes!! But i am disipointed that Lummox can only be cayght through buying moshi merch

On Sep 4, 02:31 AM elijah wrote:

you wrote thhe insted of the.

On Sep 3, 05:09 AM Teesha wrote:

I Love zack Binspin! He is the best moshling ever

On Sep 2, 08:01 AM michelle wrote:

You wrote slop instead of slot. oh dear, how funny!

On Sep 2, 03:32 AM Brianna wrote:

yes very excited

On Sep 1, 11:38 AM Moshifan wrote:

It’s going to be so cool to finally Get Zack Binspin :-)

On Sep 1, 10:43 AM elise wrote:

in the forth paragraph you wrote zack bunspin

Moshi Secrets: Did I really! Oh dear! Thanks very much for catching that typo!

On Sep 1, 10:34 AM James wrote:


On Sep 1, 08:00 AM kyle wrote:

when you put the teddybear coustume on and bubba lets you go in to v.i.p area I can’t get in there…what’s wrong

On Sep 1, 06:55 AM Lea wrote:

I was playing the Mission and it just froze or something just as I was about to get into the VIP dressed as the teddy bear. Is that where it stopped for you?

I don’t really like Zack Binspin but I’ll get him to add to my Moshlings!

Moshi Secrets: Yes, this is as far as we can get until the mission is officially released on Monday.

On Aug 31, 10:11 PM Oliver wrote:

i cant wait till i get zack because then i will have 80 moshlings

On Aug 31, 07:58 PM mia perez wrote:

I tried but my computer froze

On Aug 31, 03:58 PM krystal wrote:

i did the first part of the mission cant wait till monday…….

On Aug 31, 02:06 PM moshi wrote:

that’s awesome