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Moshling Watch - You can't get Long Beard using seeds!

Long Beard Moshling

Today, we received confirmation from Moshi Monsters that you can’t currently get Long Beard.

I know that lots of you, have been planting lots of different seed combinations to try and get Long Beard. We’ve been trying too. In fact we’ve tried every single combination of seeds twice just in case we’d made a mistake. We even used a spreadsheet to keep track of the seeds we’d tried.

We knew that you got Long Beard by completing the Freezy Rider Mini Mission, but when we saw the partial seed combination on Moshlings.com (which is an official Moshi Monsters site) we assumed that it was possible to get Long Beard by finding the missing part of the seed combination.

The combination listed on Long Beard’s Moshlings.com page read:

  • Red Dragon Fruit
  • Any Dragon Fruit
  • and an unknown (locked) seed.

It seems that if you’ve been planting seeds to get Long Beard, you’ve been wasting your time.

Moshi Monster Customer Care confirmed:

Long Beard was the prize Moshling in the Freezy Rider Mini Mission, that available until February 2013. Currently there is no way to catch Long Beard. However, we are certain that Long Beard is not gone from the game for good. We are not sure when or where Long Beard will appear again. He could be the Mystery Moshling from the Golden Egg one month, or you may be able to plant for him in the future.

So there you go. We’ll let you know if we find out how to get him in the future.


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On Sep 14, 01:24 AM thomasrockz2 wrote:

I caught long beard using seeds the code is red hot silly pepper red silly pepper and any dragon fruit

On Jun 23, 06:55 AM jad joma wrote:

I went to my moshi freind and saw that he had long beard. is there another way to get him

On Jun 23, 02:53 AM HARRY wrote:

You kidding me? I just got rid of him to get uncle scallops! Did you guys find out yoyo? And add me, harryjang

On Jun 21, 11:08 PM Lea wrote:

If you can’t get him using seeds, then you should remove him from the seed combinations

On Jun 21, 09:08 PM rachie wrote:

I wanna have him so bad! :*(

On Jun 21, 07:54 PM superscary14 wrote:

I have been trying combinations FOREVER!!! This is so annoying :(

On Jun 21, 05:53 PM Pixie wrote:

I already have Long Beard but I got him from the mission.