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Moshling Watch - Wuzzle appears in the Moshling Zoo

Wuzzle Moshling

It’s hardly a secret, but Wuzzle the Wandering Wumple has appeared in the Moshling Zoo is a brand new set calls the “Gurus”.

Wuzzle is a Rare moshling, but there’s no flower combination for him. As revealed in the latest Moshi Monsters Magazine (Issue 36), you’ll now get a code for Wuzzle when you subscribe or re-subscribe to the magazine.

So that leaves us wondering what’s going to happy with Dustbin Beaver. Is there going to be a flower combination released for the chap? This would make lots of people very happy (finally).

I’d keep an eye on his entry in the Moshling Zoo.

Change in the way “Completed Set” are worked out.

If you’ve been into your Moshling Zoo recently, you may have noticed that a lot more of the sets now have illuminated backgrounds.

It seems that Moshi Monsters now consider that a set is completed if you’ve got all of the currently available Moshlings rather than having to have all four in the set.

I guess they got fed up with people constantly asking them when the next Moshling in the incomplete sets would be released!


 Textile help
On Dec 12, 06:37 PM evie wrote:

i want wuzzle i only need a few more moshlings

On Dec 1, 07:24 AM Patricia Dalton wrote:

it isn’t fair. I won’t be able to get Wuzzle the wandering Wumple because I cannot subscribe to the magazine in the U.S.

On Dec 1, 04:03 AM williamwsl wrote:

I love how there are great codes and wonderful puzzles

On Nov 30, 10:53 PM boy12341757 wrote:

finally Justin beaver I was waiting thanks

On Nov 29, 03:33 AM Why? wrote:

Man why are they giving this away in the magazine because the US magazine have been canceled.

On Nov 28, 05:05 AM Unknown wrote:

Can you help me to post that code for Wuzzle? My country does not sell any copies of Moshi Monsters Magazine, so I can’t get the code :(

On Nov 26, 03:08 PM fakhir wrote:

i want wuzzle

On Nov 26, 11:12 AM Logan wrote:

What about those people who were notified that their subscriptions to Moshi Monster Magazine were cancelled and a refund given them? We don’t have the opportunity to renew and get Wuzzle.

On Nov 25, 09:49 PM William wrote:

I like how theirs lots of puzzles
And I like how theirs 2 codes.

On Nov 24, 10:32 PM lego wrote:

awwww i’m not allowed subscribe

On Nov 24, 02:23 AM blossom wrote:

I wish we didn’t have to buy stuff to get certain moshlings, because I just got dustbin and now i can’t get Wuzzle because US customers can’t subscribe anymore! I love moshi secrets it has so much code and other stuff!

On Nov 23, 07:32 PM layla wrote:

hi moshlings you are so cute some of you

On Nov 23, 05:24 PM Julia wrote:

I already have Wuzzle! :-) Please visit me! And you can add me as a friend!

On Nov 22, 05:00 PM kylo wrote:

you put happy instead of happen.
when is the moshi movie mystery coming out

On Nov 22, 05:36 AM Lea wrote:

:you’ll now get a code for Wuzzle when you subscribe or re-subscribe to the magazine.” NOOOOOOOOO!!! :(

On Nov 21, 11:37 PM Sam wrote:

Now we cant get Dustbin Beaver T.T And is there another code for Roxy because i just started the game when i got he and then i traded her out for a Snookums

On Nov 21, 07:12 PM lego wrote:

oh….. that is cool but i’m not allowed subscribe

On Nov 21, 06:58 PM jennifer wrote:

We in the USA and Canada can no longer subscribe to Moshi Mag. They cancelled our subscription. How will we get Wuzzle?!