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Moshling Watch - Toastys combination and Busling appears!

Busling Moshling

There’s lots going on Moshling-wise on Moshi Monsters at the moment. If you’re collecting Moshlings it seems you’re going to be having a busy August!

This week TWO new Moshlings have appeared in the Moshling Zoo! Toasy has appeared in the Munchies set, and Busling has appeared in the all new Wheelies Set

Month of Moshlins #2, Toasty

As part of the Month of Moshlings another Moshling has appeared in our Zoos. This time it’s Toasty, the Buttery Breadheads. Toasty is the last Moshling released in the Munchies set so you can now get the colourful background!

The good news is that Toasty is a Common Moshling which means that none of the flowers that you need to plant have to be a particular colour in order to attract him to your garden.

The bad news is that one of the flowers you need is a Snap Apple – only available at Super Seeds which means that only Moshi Members are going to be able to catch the little fellow.

Here’s the flower combination you’ll need:

  • Hot Silly Peppers (Any)
  • Magic Beans (Any)
  • Snap Apple (Any)

Busling appears in the Wheelies set.

Toasty isn’t the only Moshling to appear in the Moshling Zoo this week. We’ve also got Busling who has appeared in a completely new set in the Zoo, the Wheelies.

There’s no combination available for Busling, the Bustling Busling so we don’t know how you’d get him yet.

A bit of wild guesswork makes us think that maybe you’ll get a special code for Busling when you visit the Moshi Bus. We’ve visited the Moshi Bus in the past when it came to visit Bristol and Harry got a special Moshi Mash-Up card.

Of course, if you know how to get Busling, then do let us know!


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On Aug 12, 05:51 PM Peachfuzz1945 wrote:

What is the Moshi Bus

On Aug 10, 02:21 AM ellie wrote:

also there is granny, weeny, and I think one more…

On Aug 10, 02:10 AM Lea wrote:

I just need Misty and Toasty and I have all Moshling you can get from your garden and missions! :D

On Aug 10, 02:05 AM Lea wrote:

My sister’s membership expires around the fifteenth but she still has so many Moshling to catch!

On Aug 9, 11:53 AM awesome wrote:

busling got new look