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Moshling Watch - The case of the disappearing Betty

Betty Moshling

Just when you thought that the story of Betty, the Yodeling MooMoo couldn’t get any more mysterious, you’ll now find that Betty has completely vanished from the Moshling Zoo today (12th August 2013)

Where there was her slot in the Noisies Moshling set, there is now just an empty space.

What makes this even more puzzling is that Zomgarm, a Moshi Monsters staff member, had mentioned just days ago that there would be more news on Betty just days ago.

Puzzled? We are! What do you think has happened to Betty?

Lummox appears

Lummox Moshling

While it’s unusual to see a Moshling removed from the Moshling Zoo, it’s not unusual to see new Moshling appear. Even though we may have lost Betty, we now have Lummox.

Lummox the Humongous Hogsnorter is a bull-like Moshling with large horns and is now the third Moshling to appear in the Sporties set along with Pocito and Rooby.

No flower/seed combination appears for Lummox.

Does this mean that Lummox has replaced Betty or is the timing just a coincidence?


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On Aug 31, 03:04 PM Jassy wrote:

I’m having a problem with gifts.when I click them,I can’t open them!it says error and takes me out,when I go back in all my gifts are gone!!

On Aug 29, 09:05 PM Livvy wrote:

will betty be only for members

On Aug 24, 01:04 PM franciscasisi wrote:

zomgarm said betty would appear late september early october read his message board

On Aug 20, 07:12 PM Cameron wrote:

I have news. Betty was removed as her character movements were too stiff for what she did.

On Aug 20, 01:27 PM carolyn wrote:


On Aug 20, 12:45 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

zomgarm has said betty will be back, she is temporarily deleted n coming back end of sept/early oct :)

On Aug 16, 09:11 PM suganya27 wrote:

actually on august 13 betty was in my zoo but now she’s not

On Aug 14, 02:41 AM steven wrote:

thats really strange that betty has vanished from the moshling zoo i think that she has vanished because they created a whole new set the wheeles and busling and lummox and thats kind of a lot to do and a lot of moshlings to add hope my idea works

, steven

On Aug 13, 06:06 PM thomasrockz2 wrote:

all the people that had betty get the new moshling prickles in two days

On Aug 13, 05:03 PM thomas kobylarz wrote:


On Aug 13, 04:32 PM Livvy wrote:

zomgarm lost betty really shes gone I really wanted her too bad sorry to who loved and or wanted betty

On Aug 13, 02:01 PM Hailey wrote:

ya he is my friend to i should check as well..

On Aug 13, 01:15 PM kieran wrote:

what I want to no is wiy did betty the moshling went away

On Aug 13, 08:55 AM Lisa wrote:

oh well does zomgarm still have her ill check because im friends with him please add me my owner name is teddybearlilly10

On Aug 13, 08:29 AM kalum wrote:

i think its just waiting for more monsters to get betty then they will re-release her

On Aug 13, 01:48 AM josalyn wrote:

I will give you the seed combo for Betty so if she comes back heres the seed combo BLUE crazy daisy, ANY snapapple, ANY love berry and if you read this and if betty ever does come back and you use this and does not work I am super sorry!!!!

Moshi Secrets:None of the flower combination we've ever found seem to work.

On Aug 13, 12:28 AM angrybird12346 wrote:

W have already had the delay! but don’t fear she will return lol

Lummox is really cool

On Aug 12, 10:35 PM Thomas H wrote:

I got Lummox from a code from getting the moshi mall set. The strange thing was when I put the code in it gave me Alpine Pinkerbell seeds and I thought at last i was going to get Betty but instead Lummox turned up!! You can see him in my zoo ganghamstyle06

On Aug 12, 10:18 PM rania wrote:


On Aug 12, 09:40 PM thomasrockz2 wrote:

betty will come back zomgarm told us that a delay will happen well this is that delay

On Aug 12, 09:26 PM Helen wrote:

I noticed Betty had gone.
I did manage to get Slurpy and Weeny by changing the clock on my dad’s computer :)

On Aug 12, 08:39 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

very strange, lummox isnt in the same set tho so dnt think hes replaced her, but who knows, maybe betty is joinin a new set that is yet to be revealed?