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Moshling Watch - Summer of Moshlings

Summer of Moshlings

Well this is exciting news! I don’t think we’ve ever had quite as many Moshlings announced at the same time!

Each week in August, Moshi Monsters are going to release a new Moshling to catch! The first of these was Misty, but there are three more to come!

  • Misty on August 1st
  • Toasty on August 8th
  • Prickles on August 15,
  • and on the August 22nd, we get a new Moshling that we just don’t know the name of yet!

Strangely there now appears to be two combinations for Misty which you can find on our flower combinations page. Unfortunately, both codes require a crazy daisy or a snap apple which means Misty only available to members to collect.

We don’t know what the combinations for the other Moshlings will be, but we hope that some will be available for non-members.

Toasty was one of the runner-up designs in the 2012 design a Moshling competition along with Yolka (who we’ve already seen) and King Toot the Funky Pharaoh (who we haven’t seen.)

Of course, the winning Moshling was Micro Dave who we still haven’t seen him yet either!

So what do you think of these new Moshlings? Do you know who the mystery forth Moshling is? Let us know in the comments below!


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On Aug 9, 10:53 PM louis wrote:

sorry about my post i meant i wish it was zack binspin!! do you ??

On Aug 9, 07:19 PM louis wrote:

i think it will be zack binspin!! do you ??

On Aug 8, 12:57 AM Elijah wrote:

why can`t peaple see theair own comments?

Moshi Secrets: Hi Elijah. There's a delay before comments are visible because we have to moderate each one before they appear on Moshi Secrets. We get 1000's of comments each week so it can take a little time. We do try and get to them as soon as we can!

On Aug 6, 08:07 PM kaitlynboula wrote:

the flower 1st combination did not work but the 2nd one did

On Aug 6, 08:13 AM emily8727 wrote:

I think the 4th moshling is Carter the Barking RahRah!

On Aug 5, 11:28 PM 9ihussein wrote:

by the way i now have twaddle

my username is 9ihussein

On Aug 5, 10:57 PM 9ihussein wrote:

Yolka is already out
and even non- members can get her.

On Aug 5, 09:29 PM 3rainbowclever wrote:

but i got yolka.

On Aug 5, 09:28 PM 3rainbowclever wrote:

the last summer moshling is rooby!

On Aug 5, 09:06 PM Pixie wrote:

Don’t you think it’a kind of late to call it Summer of Moshlings? Because it’s only going to be summer for 1 more month and then it’s fall.

On Aug 5, 05:59 PM emily8727 wrote:

The moshling released on August 22nd looks like Carter!

On Aug 5, 05:48 PM Webkinzloverjrh wrote:

I had that problem too, I contacted Moshi Support and they weren’t a lot of help. Now they have straightened this out and the combo in the zoo is correct.

On Aug 5, 01:49 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

error- youve wrote in brackets next to yolka ‘we’ve not seen’, but we have :)

Moshi Secrets: Opps! Yes of course. I knew what I meant to say, it just didn't end up getting typed that way! Thanks.

On Aug 5, 12:28 PM ellenmybffandmemaebh wrote:

i think i know how to get betty

On Aug 5, 12:05 PM jackjary wrote:

I think the last one might be peekaboo in the nutties?

On Aug 5, 08:40 AM Matthew wrote:

I wonder when they will release Betty? I believe her code is in the Moshling Mall playset.