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Moshling Watch - Sprinkles appears, new way to get Leo

Another new Moshling has appeared in the Moshling Zoo! This time it’s the turn of Sprinkes, The Magical Tinkler who’s appeared in the Sploshies set next to Sweeney Blob, Uncle Scallops and Bentley.

Our best guess is that you’ll get this Moshling when you complete the upcoming Super Moshi Mission “GustBusters” although according to their Bio, they’re a “Common” Moshling which makes us feel a little uncertain that this is the case.

Given that there’s going to be a cloud theme in the next mission I can see that there’s a link between clouds and Sprinkles (Who’s going to make it rain?)

If you know how to get Sprinkles, then do let us know.

h2.A new way to get Leo

A code for Leo was issued with Moshi Monsters magazine Issue 24 a while back.

At the same time the Magazine came out, there was problem picking up Moshlings that had been attracted to your garden which meant that lots of people watches Leo appear in their garden and then walk off into the sunset.

To help anyone who hadn’t been able to add Leo to their zoo, Moshi Monsters released a special code, CHILLYLEO. That code quickly expired once they fixed the problems with the garden.

You now get an exclusive seed code when you buy a back issue of the Moshi Monsters Magazine.

You’ll get a code for a Frozen Forget-Me-Not seed. You’ll need to plant this in your garden with two other plants (it doesn’t matter which) and you’ll attract Leo!

You can find more info about Moshi Magazine back issues here: http://moshimagsubs.myshopify.com/collections/back-issues


 Textile help
On Aug 17, 05:11 AM xfortress12121 wrote:

hey everyone i have a code to get busling use this plant:yellow dragon fruit+yellow star blossom+yellow magic beans… try it

On Jul 6, 03:19 AM sammy wrote:

How do people get Sprinkles?

On Jul 3, 04:11 PM kaitlyn wrote:

the way to get the 2nd epic is to don’t missthe cloud monster with the slingshot all 3 times

On Jun 30, 11:11 AM Ponymad86 wrote:

The code CHILLYLEO is not working

Moshi Secrets: That's right - the code "CHILLYLEO" expired a long time ago. The only way to get Leo at the moment is to order a past issue of the Moshi Monsters Magazine.

On Jun 30, 09:58 AM rabiah wrote:

hi everyone

On Jun 29, 10:58 PM Eoin wrote:

i know someone who has three sprinkles

On Jun 29, 08:17 PM Budeyboy5000 wrote:

You do get Sprinkles in Gustbusters, I have her :)

On Jun 29, 01:33 PM moshiplayer156 wrote:

You get Sprinkles by playing the New Mission Gustbusters.

On Jun 29, 11:37 AM sophie wrote:

sprinkles is my favourite moshling

On Jun 29, 10:38 AM twinkle wrote:

charmies knows how to get sprinkles

On Jun 29, 09:21 AM adam wrote:

that is not fair i had leo and my computer jumped and i lost him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Jun 28, 08:14 PM dance wrote:

i was walking around and i saw someone that had sprinkles already!!

On Jun 28, 06:05 PM nausherwan wrote:

this girl got sprinkles omg i am so confused she says on her board that we get it from the new mission which will come next week or so but then how does she got it her username is BECCA51503

On Jun 28, 05:28 PM Kaitlin wrote:

You have to buy a back issue WHAT A RIP OFF! That is like SO unfair!