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Moshling Watch - Splatter appears in the Moshling Zoo

Splatter Moshling

Just when you think it’s getting a little too quiet in Moshi Monsters something else comes along.

This time, it’s yet another new Moshling! Say “hello” to Splatter, the Abstract Artiste!

This fellow is an Uncommon Moshling in the Arties set. Slpatter is the third Moshling to be released and joins Scrumpy and Misty.

There’s no flower combination released for Splatter yet. He’s “Combo Unknown – Secret”.

Here’s Splatter’s profile:

Splatter Moshling - Profile

So what do you guys think? Are we going to see another Super Moshi mission, or is this Moshling linked to the purchase of some Moshi merchandise?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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On Apr 27, 06:02 PM moshling collector wrote:

this is a cool moshling i have 132 moshlings and load of stuff add me spikersmall

On Jan 24, 06:04 PM Dylan wrote:

He is my FAVOURITE moshling!

On Dec 23, 10:58 AM zoe wrote:

lol got all moshlings

On Dec 21, 09:03 PM Malak wrote:

You have to get an online ticket to “Moshi Monsters: The Movie” with Vue because I did and I got him!

On Dec 20, 12:23 PM Rainbow Dash wrote:

you get it when you go to “vue” cinemas (the moshi movie

On Dec 18, 07:56 AM moshi guy wrote:

oi, moshi there are 10 new moshlings

On Dec 14, 08:35 PM sarah wrote:

wow I can’t wait for the combo or mission

On Dec 14, 01:16 PM Moshi Owner wrote:

I live in Australia, why would I pre-book tickets for a UK cinema???

On Dec 14, 09:29 AM Unknown wrote:


On Dec 13, 08:23 PM lauren wrote:

I really want him!
i bet its only for members ina mission!
ps add Me! i always send gifts to people who send me one! Laurennw236

On Dec 7, 10:51 AM sam fay wrote:

I know how to get Splatter you pre-book tickets to see the moshi movie and you get his code book at here is the link http://www.myvue.com/latest-movies/info/film/moshi-monsters and here is the main link http://www.myvue.com/

Moshi Secrets: Yes, you have to pre-book tickets on-line. Does anyone know if this is a one-time use code?

On Dec 7, 05:13 AM ellie wrote:

I want that little guy sooo... bad!!

On Dec 6, 02:15 PM Bella wrote:

I think there shoud be a combination

On Dec 5, 10:09 PM spikersmall wrote:

I know how to get splatter all you have to do is to go to vue website pre book with vue cinema i am doing this aswell go to the nearest vue cinema near you and type in your hotmail and they will send you a code for him in about 2 days i am getting him because i am of to pre book with vue get the code and of to see it in york yay myname is spikersmall add me ok ok

On Dec 5, 09:15 PM phil harris wrote:

yes as said by MOSHIDRIVEN you get splatters code when you pre order moshi film tickets via VUE,not sure where these cinemas are,not every town will have one,so prob this moshling will not be avaliable to everyone even members!another money making gimmik from mindcandy eh! :0(

On Dec 5, 08:42 PM Oliver wrote:

how do you get him splatter he so cool because we know every single moshling we look them up on the internet and some pretty cool ones

On Dec 1, 12:03 PM Anna wrote:

I like this new moshling! But maybe you know how to get him???

On Dec 1, 10:14 AM kenlewis wrote:

how do you get splater

On Dec 1, 09:02 AM jacob wrote:

I relly want to get splatter on moshimonsters

On Dec 1, 07:20 AM Patricia Dalton wrote:

I would like to see another Super Moshi Mission.

On Dec 1, 02:06 AM jassie wrote:

I hope it is not linked to some merchandise and that it is a mini mission. they are fun.

On Nov 30, 10:49 PM boy12341757 wrote:

that awesome mission

On Nov 30, 08:17 PM William wrote:

He should be in a mission

On Nov 30, 07:38 PM Dani wrote:

It would probably have to do with art like maybe from an art competition, or a mission on art, and after maybe a code. Add me, my username is skcosa

On Nov 30, 02:37 PM lego wrote:

also new twistmas codes

On Nov 29, 07:36 PM lego wrote:


I saw a monster in sludgestreet called Leh1021 with PEEKABOO following her SHE HAS PEEKABOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
moshi secrets

On Nov 29, 04:13 PM Joy wrote:

I love him because I love art and being an artist =)

On Nov 29, 04:05 PM MoshiDriven wrote:

I am pretty sure that you get Splatter by buying Pre-odered Moshi Movie tickets from VUE Cinema

On Nov 29, 03:11 PM lego wrote:

i think he is so cool and super cute