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Moshling Watch - Seed combination for Lummox released

Lummox Moshling

A seed code has been released for Lummox, the Humongous Hogsnorter.

If you remember when Lummox was released back in August it came as a bit of a surprise.

When Lummox appeared, Betty disappeared from the Zoo which made us all think that Lummox had replaced Betty.

You even needed an Alpine Pinkerbells seeds to get Lummox and these seeds were first linked to Betty.

Betty reappeared later in September along with her own flower combination.

Previously you had to buy the Moshi Mall Playset in order to get Lummox.

Seed Combination to get Lummox

Lummox is an Uncommon Moshling which means that one of the flowers in his combination must be grown in the correct colour.

The seed combination you’ll need to plant in your garden to attract Lummox is:

  • Moon Orchid (Yellow)
  • Magic Beans (Any)
  • Love Berries (Any)

The good news is that all these seeds are available to non-members!

You can find other Seed Combinations on our Flower Combinations page.

Lummox is in the Sporties set along with Pocito and Rooby.

Have you managed to attract Lummox to your garden? Who would you like to see a seed combination for next?

Let us know in the comments below!


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On Feb 11, 01:10 PM leah wrote:

why cant i get nipper why

On Nov 7, 09:08 PM Lea wrote:

Hopefully I can get Lummox soon so I can go for Hot Wings, I’ve tried 10 times already for him while my sister got him first try!

On Nov 7, 07:43 AM moshi master! :) wrote:

HOT WINGS IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Nov 7, 12:52 AM preston wrote:

there is a new moshi that came out today his name is hot wings

On Nov 6, 08:33 PM cillian wrote:

o yea woohoo!

On Nov 6, 04:45 PM Chelsie wrote:

thank you moshi monsters,much better than getting a moshling mall that is 50 quid

On Nov 6, 01:30 AM Webkinzloverjrh wrote:

This is awesome! Without this site, I wouldn’t have noticed there was a seed code for Lummox! You guys are my fav Moshi site! Thanks!

On Nov 5, 05:10 PM jamaal wrote:

im goiung to get him

On Nov 5, 11:37 AM Tyra wrote:

yay lummox finally last sporties yay thanks moshi secrets!!!!!! add me tyraow