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Moshling Watch - Say Hello to Hissy!

The third and final Moshling to be released as part of the Moshi Music Gooperstars has arrived!

And despite the silhouette on the previous splash screen looking not just a little like Prickles, the Moshling that’s turned up is in fact Hissy!

Hissy, is the second Moshling in the Hipsters set and takes his place alongside Yoyo the Creative Coyote.

As usual Hissy’s appearance was announced in the Daily Growl! and this time, the flower combination they published was the same one that’s displayed in the Moshling Zoo!

Hissy is a Rare Moshling, so two of the flowers will need to be grown in the correct colour.

In order to attract Hissy to your garden you’ll need to grow the following flowers:

  • Hot Silly Peppers (ANY)
  • Moon Orchid (PURPLE)
  • Snap Apple (BLACK) (Members Only)

So what do you think of Hissy? Is he a worthy addition to the Moshling Zoo?


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On Sep 20, 07:02 PM sparkly2342 wrote:

hissy is super cool i bet every one will want to get him and pay for rox so rare

On Sep 20, 06:59 PM christina wrote:

hope everybody is going to get hissy because hes super cool

On Sep 20, 01:18 PM brendan wrote:

i have him

On Sep 20, 08:47 AM heather wrote:

I think he is really cool!

On Sep 20, 03:23 AM Paul wrote:

I caught him.

Hissy looks like a moshling that would be a common moshling.

On Sep 20, 01:03 AM Aja wrote:

oh cool ill try to get him but im not a member sigh