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Moshling Watch - Peekaboo and the Woodies Set

Peekaboo Moshling

With the arrival of a new Moshling, there’s also a whole new set in the Moshling Zoo.

Peekaboo has arrived and even though the suspicion was that he might be part of the Potties set, it turns out he’s the first member of the new Woodies set.

Peekaboo, the Oakey-Dokey Hokey-Pokey is an Uncommon Moshling.

As yet, there’s no flower combination for Peekaboo so that raises the possibility that you may get him by completing a Super Moshi mission.

Peekaboo Moshling Profile

Keep those eyes peeled, and if you find out how to get Peekaboo, let us know!


 Textile help
On Nov 28, 04:41 PM Paige wrote:

you have to get the peekaboo bell seeds but i dont know the code

On Oct 18, 09:46 AM Oscar wrote:

get unique code card for peekaboo in katsuma unleashed

On Oct 18, 12:26 AM ellie wrote:

oooh! now I want katsuma unleashed! but only for peek a boo…

On Oct 12, 04:22 PM Andy wrote:

I know how! Since the new game – Katsuma Unleashed – came out he’s in the game he has a code and there all unique!

On Oct 12, 03:56 PM George wrote:

You get Peekaboo when you buy the new Katsuma unleashed DS game

On Oct 12, 09:51 AM Emily8727 wrote:

i think you get peek a boo in Katsuma unleashed

On Oct 8, 01:57 AM ryan wrote:

I heard you can get Peekaboo by planting
Peekaboo bells
with some unknown seed combo.

On Oct 7, 03:53 AM Georgia wrote:

how do i get Peekaboo ??

On Oct 6, 03:54 PM cillian wrote:


On Oct 6, 09:47 AM kyle wrote:

you might get peekaboo in the new mission that is now out

On Oct 6, 04:28 AM taylor wrote:

when will the mission come out for peekaboo

On Oct 6, 03:53 AM kenlewis wrote:


On Oct 5, 08:24 PM chloe wrote:

I love this website it is awesome!!!!!

On Oct 5, 03:52 PM NOLAN wrote:


On Oct 4, 11:17 PM Lea wrote:

Oooh! Exciting!! Let’s just hope you don’t need to buy (with real money) anything to get him!!

On Oct 4, 08:43 PM thetoycollectingpanda16 wrote:

I think it will be with Katsuma unleashed . I cant wait though ;)

On Oct 4, 01:42 PM Rosscp wrote:

I think you’ll get Peekaboo with Katsuma Unleashed as he’s in the images! :)