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Moshling Watch - New Moshling Hot Wings released

Hot Wings Moshiling

Moshi Monsters have obviously decided that we need more Moshlings. Lots more Moshlings.

This week there’s another new set called “Musos”, with just the one Moshling in it for now. Let’s say hello to “Hot Wings!”

The first Moshling in the Musos set is Hot Wings, the Ragamuffin Puffin.

Moshipedia Book CoverThe appearance of Hot Wings is connected to the 7th November release of the Moshipedia book which comes with an exclusive Moshling figure. Can you guess which one?

That’s right, you’ll only be able to get the Hot Wings figure by buying this book.

Now, I’ve got to say that I’m not entirely convinced about the name. “Hot Wings” make me think of spicy chicken wings that I should dip in a salsa sauce maybe.

Seed Combination for Hot Wings

There’s a seed combination that you can use to get Hot Wings too.

As an Uncommon Moshling, you only need to grow one of the plants in the correct colour. It doesn’t matter what colour the other two are.

To attract Hot Wings, you’ll need to grow the following flower combination:

  • Dragon Fruit (Black)
  • Moon Orchid (Any)
  • Moon Orchid (Any)

You won’t need to be a member to buy these seeds.

Here’s Hot Wing’s profile:

Hot Wings Moshling - Pofile

So leave a comment below and let us know if you manage to catch Hot Wings and tell us what you think about all these new Moshlings being released!


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On Nov 18, 04:36 AM (anonymous) wrote:

I hope you know that they don’t put moshi magazines in UNITED STATES anymore!

Moshi Secrets: Yes, we heard that was the case. :-(

On Nov 18, 04:21 AM hamiluv wrote:

i agree with the name thing. he should be in the barbecue-ees not the musos. and also what is a muso?

On Nov 17, 07:36 PM gangnamstyle06 wrote:

I heart moshisecrets

On Nov 13, 12:40 PM mr cowface chicken wings wrote:

i first saw him escaping in the castle at the beanstalk…before my membership expired

On Nov 10, 01:55 PM caleb wrote:

i got him and i now more moshlings are comeing soon

On Nov 10, 03:14 AM Lea wrote:

I got Hot Wings!

On Nov 9, 04:29 PM Peter wrote:

Sooooooooo hard to get!

On Nov 9, 12:35 AM Anna wrote:

i have noticed that u can now get lummox by a flower combo

On Nov 9, 12:15 AM Webkinzloverjrh wrote:

You are sooooo right! Hot Wings sounds like a side dish from Buffalo Wild Wings. The moshling is a puffin for pete’s sake!!!! But the moshling is cute.

On Nov 8, 08:44 PM Lea wrote:

XP rewards for collecting Moshling and completing sets would be awesome! I think Rox would be better though

Moshi Secrets: We've got lots of Rox already! We just don't know what to do with them all!

On Nov 8, 09:38 AM littleone70 wrote:

I have him!!!!!!!

On Nov 7, 09:06 PM Lea wrote:

I agree with what you said about it’s name “Hot Wings.”

Thanks for telling the combination! Once I get Lummox (hopefully soon, I’ve tried 10 times already while my sister got him first try!), I’ll go for Hot Wings!

Moshi Secrets: Good luck! It's taking us ages!

On Nov 7, 09:00 PM Lea wrote:

If you ask me, Moshi Monsters should be focusing on completing Moshling sets that are already out right now, not adding more (Moshling sets)!

Moshi Secrets: Yep, we agree! I think people would be more interested in collecting the moshlings if they knew they could complete the sets. I'd also like to see some XP awarded for collecting Moshlings and completing the sets :-)