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Moshling Watch - Misty appears in Moshling Zoo

MIsty Moshling

Misty the Playful Pfft Pfft has appeared in the Moshling Zoo today.

Misty is the second Moshling to be released in the Arties set, along with Scrumpy.

As a Rare Moshling, you’ll need to get two flowers in the correct colour. The combination you’ll need to plant to get Misty is:

  • Hot Silly Peppers (Yellow)
  • Dragon Fruit (Purple)
  • Snap Apple (Any)

As Misty’s combination includes a Snap Apple, she’ll only be available for Members to get as you can’t by Snap Apple seeds from the Seed Cart.

Misty’s first appearance in Moshi Monsters was in the Great Googenheist mission where she appeared as a guest at Simon Growl’s party.

What do you think of Misty? Have you got her in your zoo yet?


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On Aug 23, 01:31 AM Pretty the Monster wrote:

Yes i have her

On Aug 16, 09:14 PM Hannah wrote:

Who has misty?

On Aug 9, 03:23 PM amy wrote:

yay i got twaddle

On Aug 8, 09:40 PM amy wrote:

lol toasty is easy 2 get

On Aug 4, 08:17 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

splash screen of summer moslings appeared earlier n looked like toasty was the next 1 after misty lookin at the outline of it, hes out next week followed by who i believe could b twaddle by its outline………interesting,but still no sign of microdave,maybe hes the mission??

On Aug 4, 08:13 PM jackbyard wrote:


On Aug 4, 03:43 PM jasmine wrote:

I have already got her i am a member

On Aug 4, 11:00 AM marcella wrote:

Of course members get the spotlight, because they pay loads of money to be one.

On Aug 4, 08:11 AM Mitzi383 wrote:

Moshi has given out another seed code for Misty, purple crazy daisy plus yellow star plus blue dragon

On Aug 4, 06:39 AM angrybird12346 wrote:

Members pay so we should get a little more and anyway a one month is just $6.00 Au

On Aug 2, 08:22 PM Alyssa wrote:

guys don’t u think that members get the spotlight its not fair!

On Aug 2, 08:15 PM treetop3296 wrote:

is there anyway i can get if im not a member

On Aug 2, 03:52 PM ellenmybffandmemaebh wrote:

so cool! im trying to catch her NOW!! lol add me im ellenmybffandmemaebh

On Aug 1, 07:45 AM wooyoung wrote:

i told moshi secrets how to get misty by the way i got 2 monsters oshawat500 woo12345678910111213 add me

On Aug 1, 01:15 AM epiclyepic wrote:

yay new moshling! the only bad thing is i can’t keep up with all of them im still getting pinestein

On Aug 1, 12:13 AM angrybird12346 wrote:

thanks so much guys

On Jul 31, 10:38 PM Lea wrote:

I love this Moshling! I am so getting it! Too bad it’s for member’s only so I won’t be able to get it on my non-member account

On Jul 31, 09:24 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

Looks like Twaddle is coming soon too…..according to the Daily Growl :) It says VERY soon……..

On Jul 31, 09:21 PM moshiplayer156 wrote:

Trying to get her now!! Friend me: awesomedude32456