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Moshling Watch - Meet the Screamies

As we suspected earlier this month, the Screamies have arrived as part of the Moshis vs Ghost event.

All four Moshlings in the set have now been revealed. Each one it connected to a haunted house in Moshis vs Ghosts. Once you complete the missions related to each haunted house you’ll get the Moshling.


Glob MoshlingGlob, the Gone-Wrong Blob can be found in the first house in the Moshis vs Ghosts missions, Tamara Tesla’s House.

He’s also the Moshling that we first saw in the blurry photo revealed on the Daily Growl.

Glob is a Common Moshling.


Marsha MoshlingMarsha, the Boggy Swampling is an uncommon Moshling. She can be found in House 2, the Ghost Ship, on Moshis vs Ghosts.


Randall MoshlingRandall, the Little Red Riding Wolf is a Rare moshling and can be found in Moshis vs Ghosts House 3, the Cabin in the Woods.


Jibbly MoshlingJibbly, the Dearly-Departed Nibbly is a fantastic zombie Moshling, complete with an animated profile picture where he blinks and dribbles.

Jibbly is an Ultra Rare moshling, and you’ll rescue him in House 4, Goosebump Manor.

So what do you think of the set? Do you like these scary Moshlings?


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On Nov 10, 11:01 AM Oscar wrote:

I completed the screamies set and house 4 where you get jibbly is cool but the hardest and go to reggie2524 moshling zoo he has hot wings

On Oct 23, 06:59 AM Lea wrote:

I don’t think they’re too bad. Jibbly is a little odd looking though and Randall is clearly a spoof of the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood in Little Red Riding Hood if you read his description.

Nice to have some different Moshlings

On Oct 23, 06:56 AM Lea wrote:

Marsha is an uncommon Moshling, Randall is a rare Moshling and Jibbly is ultra rare.

On Oct 23, 06:55 AM Lea wrote:

Marsha is an uncommon Moshling, Randall is a rare Moshling and Jibbly is ultra rare.

(one of each)

On Oct 22, 01:27 AM Alexa wrote:

I have glob and I love the screamies! I really want marsha so I want the next mission to come out.

On Oct 18, 04:18 PM mizo8695 wrote:

Personally, i think randall and jibbly are kind of wierd. But, if I want to have all the moshlings, ill have to get them, too.

On Oct 18, 03:31 PM Chelsie wrote: