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Moshling Watch - Hoolio completes the Roxstars set

Hoolio Moshling

With the arrival of Moshis vs Ghosts, the fourth, and final, Moshling in the Roxstars set has now appeared in the Zoo!

This time it’s the turn of Hoolio the Creepy Crooner who joins the other Roxstars, Bobbi SingSong, Ziggy and Zack Binspin.

Hoolio is an Uncommon Moshling, but you can’t get him using a flower combination. Here’s his profile:

Hoolio Moshling Profile

How to get Hoolio the Moshling

Wondering how to get him? Well you’ll need to play Moshlings Vs Ghosts!

Go to the Moshis Vs Ghosts screen, which you can do by click on Goosebump Manor on the Map or click on the button under the “What’s New” drop down from the top right hand corner of the screen.

Once there, look at the right side and you’ll see a bar that fills with green goo, the bar also has small treasure chests along the left side. Up at the top you’ll see what looks like the outline/shadow of Hoolio and it says you’ll need 10000 Ecto Gloops to get him! Wowzers, that sure seems like a lot!

Moshis vs Ghosts, 10000 Ectogloop Points

You’ll need to play the Ectogoop mini-game in Moshis vs Ghosts which you can play if you bump into a ghost.

It should get easier as you unlock more of the haunted houses. Blue ghosts will give you 1 ectogloop point, green give you 2, pink gives you 5 and Red will give you a massive 10 ectogloop points!

As you earn Ectogloop points you’ll unlock the different rewards and if you can get a staggering 10000 ectogloop points, you’ll get Hoolio!

(Special thanks to Lea for helping with this article. Why not pay her monster a visit! )

Have you managed to get Hoolio yet? Do you think 10,000 ectogloop points is a little on the high side? Let us know on the comments below.


 Textile help
On Dec 17, 07:54 AM Liz wrote:

Thank you so much i was despret to get HOOLIO i was trying to search up how to get him but nothing gave me information but then your website help me and guided me so well anyway

Love ya :) Love from liz

Moshi Secrets: Glad we could help!

On Dec 7, 01:59 AM Daniel Pinsky wrote:

i have over 10,000 ecto gloops what do i do?

On Dec 6, 10:17 PM Corey wrote:

I got him but it will not let me collect him :(

On Dec 6, 07:58 PM Rapunzel16112007 wrote:

Have got over 10000 points, can see Hoolio, but can’t grab him for the zoo. Please advise.

On Nov 27, 01:38 PM thomasrockz2 wrote:

I want him.

On Nov 10, 10:57 AM mikael_wingaa wrote:

It sure was hard work to get Hoolio. But now I’ve got him and he’s all mine :)

On Nov 8, 07:21 AM ganghamstyle06 wrote:


On Nov 6, 03:16 AM not-telling-so-don't-ask! wrote:

really that is sooo cool
i am soo getting him right away

On Oct 30, 08:47 AM Charlie wrote:

if you concentrate when playing the game it gets easier. the dial at the top of the screen builds up each time you blast a ghost and it can reach up to a 3x multiplier. This means that blue ghosts are worth 3, green are worth 6 and pink are worth 15.

You can’t shoot a bubble and miss though otherwise the dial resets. It’s not too bad though as it only resets to the multiplier level you were already on.

On Oct 29, 10:38 PM Lea wrote:

I just got Hoolio! :D His action (whatever you want to call it) is just a little creepy

On Oct 28, 07:55 PM cillian wrote:

i got everyone in the roxstars but hoolio

On Oct 28, 08:50 AM gogoboymelton wrote:

I’ve got Hoolio!

On Oct 28, 06:31 AM katy wrote:

Have got over 10,000 and can see Hoolio. But how do you catch him?

On Oct 27, 09:59 PM Brooke wrote:

thank u

On Oct 27, 03:31 PM Tanya wrote:

i got like 1,000 gloops and how did u get 10,000 gloops so fast maggie and moshidriven

On Oct 25, 10:27 PM ethansbunny wrote:

I an still mad you can only buy 5 rooms, and they are so small. I have way to much stuff for only 5 small rooms

On Oct 25, 04:19 PM maggie barfield wrote:

I’ve got hoolio but it took much longer than it should because the ectogloop points earned by blasting the ghosts do not always transfer to the sidebar of goo. I reported this to the moshi tech team and they say they are working on it… but it’s tough when the total is high AND the functioning of the game works against the player. Could do better!

On Oct 25, 08:08 AM RachGam wrote:

yesterday the MvG game wasn’t working at all for us and today it’s working but our ecto gloops don’t seem to be being added to our total! :( is this a problem that others are having?

On Oct 24, 05:04 PM jamaal wrote:


On Oct 23, 09:51 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

im struggling with ecto gloop! lol, only got 1726 :( and ive been playing the mini games for ages!!!Stressing haha lol

On Oct 23, 08:54 PM Lea wrote:

It’s going to be super hard for non-member to get 10,000 Ectogloops!

On Oct 23, 08:42 PM Lea wrote:

10,000 Ectogloops sure is a lot! Especially when the Moshling is only uncommon!

On Oct 23, 12:26 PM MoshiDriven wrote:

I have 10,361 at the moment sadly no Hoolio. Probably because he might come out last