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Moshling Watch - Combination for Pinestein revealed

Pinestein Moshling

The seed combination you need to plant in order to get Pinestein has been released.

Pinestein, the Joyful Juicy Brainiac was the winning creation from the 2013 Design A Moshling contest. He’s now appeared in the Moshling Zoo as the first Moshling in the Brainies set.

Pinestein was designed by CrocMonsieur2004 and announced as the winner on the Daily Growl on the 2nd July 2013.

Pinestein is a Ulta Rare moshling, which means that you need to grow each of the three flowers in the right colours.

In order to get Pinestein, you’ll need to grown the following flowers in your garden:

  • Magic Beans (Yellow)
  • Magic Beans (Purple)
  • Love Berries (Purple)

Both the Magic Beans and Love Berry seeds are available from the Seed Cart. This means that even non-members can collect Pinestein.

You can find the seed combinations to attract other moshlings on our seed combinations page.

But where is Micro Dave

What’s odd, is that while we now have the 2013 winning moshling available to collect in our Moshling Zoo, there’s still no sign of the 2012 winner, Micro Dave.

Micro Dave was declared the winning moshling design on the Daily Growl way back on the 9th April 2012!

Micro Dave doesn’t appear on the Moshi Monsters website www.moshlings.com either

So what do you think of Pinestein? Have you managed to get him in your zoo yet? Let us know in the comments below.


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On Aug 16, 02:10 PM cutebaby87 wrote:

me have it

On Jul 30, 12:09 AM xk4yl2zx wrote:

my daughters trying to get him,she has had 2 of them for ages but cant get the 3rd, shes starting to get annoyed with it now lol.

And are ppl aware that series 7 figures are now out in some shops? There are only 3 ultra rares- hocus, hoolio and raffles, and 1 rare which is roy g biv…… this makes me think that the new katsuma game could hold a code for any of these ultra-rares, or microdave. I luv hoolio :)

On Jul 29, 09:29 AM awesome wrote:

I got pinestien epic.

On Jul 27, 02:32 PM zipit90 wrote:

omg if hocus gets a seed code i will die from cuteness!

On Jul 26, 11:37 PM furry73bouncy wrote:

i’ve tried 10 times to get the purple love berries and hoping now i’ve got em

On Jul 24, 11:15 PM moshiplayer156 wrote:

I think Hocus,Cosmo, and Topsy Turvey will probably be the last four moshlings in the Brainies. But this is not confirmed

On Jul 24, 04:56 PM playfulghost99 wrote:

I think hocus might be the next brainie

On Jul 24, 02:05 PM Chelsie wrote:

Gonna get pinestein after I have finally go Scrumpy!

On Jul 24, 09:43 AM Moshi Secrets wrote:

Oops! Thanks to everyone who pointed out the type! I’ve fixed it now!

On Jul 24, 07:31 AM Hugo wrote:

I am trying to get pienstien

On Jul 23, 08:51 PM morgan wrote:

i am trying to get him

On Jul 23, 08:40 PM Pixie wrote:

I got the first and last flowers. I just need the purple magic beans in the middle and I’ve got him =)

On Jul 23, 07:03 PM jamaal wrote:

im getting him now

On Jul 23, 06:17 PM elise wrote:

i got burnie now i’ve completed my beasties set and now i’m trying to get peppy come visit my room rate my room and add me as a friend my name is poppy1236352

On Jul 23, 04:06 PM Blacksoul1432 wrote:

You said 2003 instead of 2013

On Jul 23, 12:41 PM dancercutie88888 aka anwen wrote:

Why did you say Pinestein was the 2003 winner? I thought he was new!

On Jul 23, 10:40 AM angrybird12346 wrote:

Can’t wait the catch him

On Jul 23, 10:27 AM fred98754132 wrote:

just a purple love berry to go then I have pinestein

On Jul 23, 07:17 AM moshi master! :) wrote:

i think it’s suppose to be 2013 :D

On Jul 23, 01:35 AM Lea wrote:

It is really odd! Where is Micro Dave????

And I will head straight to my garden to try to catch Pinestein right now

On Jul 23, 12:50 AM Bling beaver wrote:

It says “ we now have the 2003 winning moshling

On Jul 22, 11:33 PM MoshlingCollecter wrote:

there’s a typo below the where is micro dave thing. you said 2003 instead of 2013. just pointing that ;)

On Jul 22, 10:26 PM Anna wrote:

im still trying to get waldo

On Jul 22, 10:23 PM josh wrote:

i think you spelled 2013 you put 2003

On Jul 22, 08:55 PM elise wrote:

i’m still trying to get burnie