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Moshling Watch - Combination for Long Beard

Long Beard Moshling

What’s that? A combination for Long Beard?

We know that a combination for Long Beard was partially published on moshlings.com – a red Hot Silly Pepper, any Dragon Fruit and something else that hadn’t been revealed.

Like lots of other players, we tried every combination of plants and colours to see if we could figure out what the combination was. In the end through, we came to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to work and wrote an email to Moshi Monsters.

At the time, they confirmed that Long Beard wasn’t available as a seed combination. The only chance to get him was the mini-mission Peppy’s Freezy Riders. If you missed the mission, you didn’t stand a chance.

Combination for Long Beard Released!

The first clue that something was going on was when we started to get emails from people to say that they’d found Long Beard’s combination in a pack of the new range of Moshi Monsters Moshling Madness Mashi-Up cards.

Then, eagle-eyed players noticed that when they looked in the Zoo, the full combination for Long Beard is displayed.

Long Beard is a Rare Moshling, which means you’ll need to grow two of the flowers in the right colours to attract him to your Moshling garden.

The combination you’ll need to plant is as follows:

  • Hot Silly Peppers (RED)
  • Hot Silly Peppers (RED)
  • Dragon Fruit (ANY)

All of these seeds are available to all players of the game. You don’t need to be a member to get Long Beard!

Have you managed to get Long Beard yet? Let us know how long it took to get the Red Hot Silly Peppers in the comments below!


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On Sep 25, 05:35 PM miranda wrote:

finally! i got him! its been 2 weeks

On Sep 20, 08:13 AM liam wrote:

I got him it worked

On Sep 17, 07:01 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

ooh just seen capitals lol, my apologies :) has any1 got him through combo yet? lol

On Sep 16, 11:39 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:


On Sep 16, 07:19 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

haha, well it took me 42 i think to get oddie, sooooooo lets see if i can beat that haha, usually when theres on 2 colours they dont take too long, but everytime im planting its always pink,black,yellow,purple or blue lol, not even 1 red!! raaaahhhh lol :(

On Sep 15, 09:43 PM sillysparkling94 wrote:

im still struggling to get ziggy let alone long beard.

On Sep 15, 05:02 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

aaaaah!!!! is all i have to say about long beard lol, ive been trying for 2 days now but cannot even get 1 red pepper let alone 2 lol :( I have a feeling this is going to be another Oddie challenge lol

Moshi Secrets: Come on! You know you can do it!

On Sep 15, 03:38 AM will wrote:

hi moshisecrets please could you tell me if there will be a code for boomer because my other account deleted for some reason and i had everybody:((( it said i was suspended but i would never do anything bad on moshi. please any advice? thank you:)

Moshi Secrets: There's no code that we know of at the moment! Sorry!

On Sep 14, 08:55 PM Mikael wrote:

Oh yes!
I am losing sleep over this, trying to get Long Beard.

On Sep 14, 04:38 PM louismrkippling smith wrote:


On Sep 14, 04:13 PM Lisa wrote:

i got him from a mission

On Sep 14, 02:33 PM bbawesomeness164 wrote:

im the first to comment