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Moshling Watch - Bently the Super Loofah

Bently Moshling

At the same time Uncle Scallops appeared in the Moshling Zoo, space was also made for another Moshling called Bently.

So what do we know about Bently? Well, Bently, the Supah Loofah, is also in the Sploshies (Or Sploshlings) set alongside Uncle Scallops.

He’s a common Moshling and he looks like a square purple sponge.

Interestingly according to his profile on Moshi Monster he’s a “Common” Moshling. (You can see Moshling’s profiles by clicking on their name in the Moshling Zoo.)

Common Moshlings can usually be obtained by planting the correct plants. What makes them common is that you don’t need to get the plants in the correct colours.

This isn’t what Bently’s profile on Moshlings.com says. According to Moshlings.com Bently is an “Ultra Rare.”

This leads us to suspect that the plans for Bently have changed, but at the moment we don’t know how to get him, or where he’ll turn up.

Given the timing of Bently’s appearance, maybe he’ll be part of the Pirate Take-Over.


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On Jun 7, 02:03 AM nick lansing wrote:

thare is a new sposhling sweeney blob

On Jun 6, 06:25 PM moshi fan wrote:

i think hes awesome!

On Jun 1, 04:37 AM sloaniemacaroni wrote:

I have Bentley. I got him while playing a mission. Don’t believe me? Look at my profile. www.moshime.com/sloaniemacaroni

On May 25, 04:50 AM atty wrote:

hahaha Bentley looks like a purple spongebob

On May 25, 03:33 AM Adam wrote:

i know how to get bentley you need to complete the scavenger hunt and he is only for members

On May 23, 06:57 AM Lucas wrote:

8trollet has Bentley!!!!!!

On May 23, 12:47 AM Apple wrote:

i had a dream that this moshling would come out.

On May 23, 12:32 AM Chris wrote:

Good info but is Bently a parody of Sponge Bob?

On May 23, 12:25 AM sammy wrote:

I think that you will get him at the end of the scavenger hunt!

On May 22, 09:35 PM ethan fisher wrote:

well it is simple that we ALL know it is benalty because he is new. plus the pirate said tht it is rarer than a black pearl.also he is “ultra rare”. (:

On May 22, 06:56 PM connor wrote:

you will get him at the end of the moshi monsters scavenger hunt he will be avalible to get on sunday members only

On May 22, 06:15 PM david wrote:

I think you get him at the end of the scavenge-arr hunt!:)

On May 22, 05:25 PM Ghastlyawesome43 wrote:

i think he is coming out with the scavenger hunt that came out today.
ultra rare moshling at the end.members only.:(

On May 22, 03:48 PM emmy wrote:

maybe they made a mistake so it could be common or ulta-rare

On May 22, 03:18 PM Lea wrote:

I think he will be part of the Pirate Take-Over, because there’s a new treasure hunt on Bleurgh Beach and the ghost pirate says that the treasure hunt “contains a Moshling that’s rarer then a black peril” so I think that’s how we’ll get Bently! It is interesting, though, how the Moshlings site says he’s ultra rare and his set is unknown, but in the Zoo, he’s under the Sploshies set and labeled as common..