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Moshling Watch - 4 New Moshling Released

After weeks where nothing seemed to be happening on Moshi Monsters, we’re excited to report that FOUR new Moshlings have appeared in the Moshling Zoo. Two of them have been released with Seed Codes!

Say hello to Lubber the Whimsical Whale, Mrs Snoodle the Silly Snuffler, Nutmeg the Woodland Walnut and finally, Dribbles the Boinging Ball!

Lubber the Whimsical Whale

Lubber Moshling

Lubber, the Whimsical Whale is a Rare Moshling who’s appeared in their own, brand new set, the Salties.

We think that you can get Lubber as part of the Sea Life Promotion.

From the Visit SeaLife site:

“Can you find the missing marine Moshlings hiding at SEA LIFE? Search the tanks and find the whole gang to unlock Lubber the Whimsical Whale – the brand new Moshling, exclusive to SEA LIFE – yours to keep the next time you visit MoshiMonsters.com!”

Check the Sea Life site to find out more about the locations and dates the Moshi events will be happening.

Mrs Snoodle the Silly Sniffler

Mrs Snoodle Moshling

Mrs Snoodle, the Silly Sniffler is another Moshling that’s appeared in their own set. She’s appeared in the Moshling zoo, all on her own in the “Legends” set. She’s also a Rare Moshling who’s been released without a seed code.

We have very little information about Mrs Snoodle the Silly Sniffler though! There are rumours (and these aren’t confirmed) that you’ll get a code for Mrs Snoodle with the Moshi Monsters DVD or maybe with a Mrs Snoodle plushie. We don’t know for sure. It might not be either of those. We will, of course, let you know if we find out any more.

Nutmeg the Woodland Walnut

Nutmeg Moshling

The first new Moshling that comes with a seed code is Nutmeg, the Woodland Wallnut who joins CocoLoco, Shelly and Pip in the Nutties set.

Nutmeg is an Uncommon Moshling which means you only need one plant to grow in a specific colour. The seed code you’ll need to plant in your Moshling Garden to get Nutmeg is:

  • Star Blossom: Yellow
  • Hot Silly Peppers: Any
  • Star Blossom: Any

Nutmeg should be pretty easy to get. You’ve got two chances to get the Yellow Star Blossom you need which should help and non-members will be able to get Nutmeg too as all the seeds are available to non-members.

Dribbles the Boinging Ball

Dribbles Moshling

Dribbles, the Boinging Ball, is the final Moshling in the Sporties set and now joins Pocito, Lummox and Rooby in the Moshling Zoo.

Dribbles, a common Moshling, has a great seed combination too which is going to be super-easy to get – just as long as you’re a Moshi Member. Unfortunately you need Snap Apples and Crazy Daisy seeds which are member-only items.

Here’s the seed combination you’ll need:

  • Dragon Fruit: Any
  • Snap Apple: Any
  • Crazy Daisy: Any

Many thanks to Tiana who let us know about the appearance of the new Moshlings!


 Textile help
On Apr 19, 07:49 PM Autumn Joy wrote:

I love Mrs Snoodle.
She is so cute, and the perfect girl for Mr Snoodle. :) :D Really, really, really cute. :*

On Apr 19, 09:00 AM Mary wrote:

I got mr snoodle from a shop but the lady at the till just pulled of the tag with the code on it!(Mabey first day there because my friend went the day before and got her tag and not with the lady

On Apr 18, 07:27 PM achan25 wrote:

btw the moshi dvd code does not give u moshilin the both codes give you 2 seed not the third one.

On Apr 18, 06:33 AM phoebe wrote:

omg i saw mrs snoodle walking down the street with a lvl 44 katzuma!

On Mar 29, 01:51 PM ella mai wrote:

I have Mrs Snoodle!!!

i got a code when i bought a Mrs Snoodle teddy from clintons card shop and when i redeemed it i got a bouffant bluebell seed. check out my room (ella-mai-08)
hope this helps!!!

On Mar 14, 06:32 PM Adriana wrote:

I really need a Moshi Membership. Unfortunately, I’m not and it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting one any time soon. You sure need to remember when you are giving out those free membership-codes to give me one. I AM one of those always asking! Please answer!

Moshi Secrets: Unfortunately we don't have any free membership codes to give out (If we did, we would!). We get hundreds of people asking us for free membership every month but it's not something we can do. We're just a fan site and don't have any special access to Moshi Monsters or Mind Candy, the people who make the game. Sorry.

On Mar 14, 05:27 AM amy wrote:

i cant get the code for mrs snoodle because i live in new zealand. can i get the code even if i live in nz?

On Mar 13, 11:48 AM Molly wrote:

So there is a new special game released. It is called “somewhere clover the rainbow.” Part 1 was released recently, Part 2 on 3/16, Part 3 on 3/19, Part 4 on 3/22, Part 5 on 3/25, Part 6 on3/28, and Part 7 on 3/30. Each part you must get an item from part of Monstro City that is one of the colors of O’Really’s rainbow. Ex: Part 1, you must go to Nimbus and get her Radical Red Lobster Phone. At the end, there is rumored to be a pot ‘o rox and a moshling. Anyone can play parts 1, 2 & 3, but 4-7 are only open to members.

Moshi Secrets: Thanks Molly! Yes, and it does appear that the Moshling you get at the end of the mission could be Mrs Snoodle!

On Mar 13, 09:33 AM Raadjarjees wrote:

how to get lubber I do not want to go on youtube because it always has the wrong code

On Mar 10, 03:08 PM Sarah wrote:

Wow, I love Moshi monsters!

On Mar 9, 11:22 PM Tinsleigh wrote:

How do you get lubber on my zoo

On Mar 9, 05:35 PM joshua wrote:

I have got nutmeg and dribbles I just need to get mrs snoodle.do you get Mrs snoodle with the moshi mosters movie dvd

On Mar 9, 07:17 AM jessica wrote:

mrs snoodle is the cutest but i have just planted seeds for dribbles and after that i will try to get nutmeg but beacause i dont live in the uk i cant get lubber

On Mar 9, 04:15 AM Lea wrote:

Seems like of all these new Moshlings, me and my sister can only get Nutmeg..that’s unfair!

On Mar 8, 09:14 PM Aimee wrote:

is there any relation Between mrs snoodle and Mr. snoodle?

On Mar 8, 07:01 PM Tracey wrote:

Lubber is unfair to the people in the US. We never get anything for Moshi Monsters and there are know UK exclusive moshlings. Wow Moshi Monsters you’ve done it now.