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Moshling Garden Updated again!

Moshling Garden Update

A little while ago, Moshi Monsters made impovements to the Moshling Garden to make it easier for Non-Members to collect Moshlings.

The good news is that there’s another update which makes the Moshling Garden even better.

Moshling Seed Combination

Moshling Garden Moshling with a Seed Combination If you hover over the Moshlings name in the purple button, the seed combination you need to collect that Moshling will be displayed. If you’re already got that Moshling the combination won’t be shown.

If there are seeds that are only available to members at Super-Seeds at the Port, this will be shown with a little members badge. Non-Members won’t be able to collect Moshlings who have combinations that contain thee seeds.

Mission Moshlings

Moshling Garden Super Moshi Mission Moshling Not all Moshlings can be collected by using a seed combination. Some Moshlings can only be collected by completing the Moshi Mission.

If you hover over a Moshlings button you’ll get a little pop-up that ‘ll show you the name of the mission you need to complete to get the Moshling and a green button you can press to play the mission – if you’re a Member.

Moshi Monsters tried this before, but there was a small bug which meant people could play new missions before they were officially released. Hopefully this time it’s back for good.

Obviously the reason why Moshli Monsters want to do this is to encourage you to become a Moshi Member just so you can do the missions and get these Moshlings.

Top Secret Moshlings

Moshling Garden Moshling with an Unknown Combination There are some Moshlings that you can’t get by either a seed combination or by doing a Mission. These “exclusive” Moshlings can be obtained by purchasing certain Moshi Merchandise or subscribing to the Moshi Monsters Magazine.

Moshling Stats

Perhaps the new feature we like the most is the appearance of the following bar at the bottom of the Moshling Guide:

Moshling Garden Collection information

It’s great isn’t it! Now non-members can see their progress as they collect Moshlings. You can see how many Moshling types you’ve managed to collect and how many sets you’ve completed!

The only things you can’t do, that Moshi Members can do by going into their Moshling Zoo is click on the Moshlings and watch them Dance, and add 6 Moshlings in their room.

What do you think of this update? Let us know in the comments below!


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On Feb 11, 07:28 PM kathryn lewis wrote:

i love moshi monsters it is so cool.

On Nov 20, 03:35 PM Jamie Holmes wrote:

Love the website, great for updating my codes. I have recently decided to purchase a magazine subscription only to find that MoshiMonsters is no longer offering it in the US. I have the hardest time locating the magazine in local stores here and some of the Moshlings I need codes for are only in the Magazine. Any suggestions?

Moshi Secrets: More and more moshlings are being released with seed codes and I suspect that now Wuzzle is being given away when you renew your subscription it means that there will be a seed code for Dustbin Beaver released soon!

On Nov 17, 12:11 PM Chelsie wrote:

When is bucks ship going to be back?

Moshi Secrets: No idea!

On Nov 16, 09:43 PM ellie wrote:

you spelled garden wrong.

Moshi Secrets: We did! Should be fixed now!

On Nov 16, 04:03 PM Patricia Dalton wrote:

I know I have spaces for Moshlings that have been discontinued, Is there anyway I can get those Moshlings so I can fill the categories they belong in? As far as purchasing toys and games to capture Moshlings, I don’t have any use for those toys or games after I get the Moshling. I pay a membership fee and I don’t feel it is fair for me to have to do that. Please help me catch the Moshlings I need to complete my sets in my zoo. Thank you.

Moshi Secrets: Great question! I don't think there's anything we can do except wait and hope that Moshi Monsters release a seed code for these moshlings. I know lots of people would love to get Blingo!

On Nov 16, 11:57 AM MoshiDriven wrote:

The new update is very helpful. I have every moshling in the zoo at the moment.

On Nov 16, 09:25 AM yoyo wrote:

did you know that you put garde not garden

Moshi Secrets: Thanks, I think I've fixed it now!

On Nov 16, 02:31 AM Lea wrote:

This is so, so great!!! Now I can finally start collecting Moshlings again! Yes! :D

On Nov 15, 08:42 PM hamiluv wrote:

i cant get oddie either. my friend got him on the first try!!

On Nov 15, 08:26 PM Teesha wrote:

OMG! I just got Hoolio. Also add me on moshi monsters if you want my owner name is princesspossum7

On Nov 15, 06:50 PM cillian wrote:

this is so much better thanks

On Nov 15, 06:21 PM lego wrote:

that is so cool

i have completed 32 sets of moshlings but i can’t get oddie!!!!!!!!

On Nov 15, 05:30 PM moshi guy wrote:

do you know how to get peekaboo ?