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Moshling Garden improved for non-members

Some exciting news for non-members who like to collect Moshlings! Moshi Monsters have added a new way to look-up the seed combinations you need.

This replaces the cryptic clues that you once got from the, now silent, Cluekoo sitting in the tree in your Moshling Garden.

If you’re a non-member you’ll find a “choose Moshling” button in your Moshling garden.

Click on this button and you’ll get a table of all the Moshlings in the various sets. Look at the screenshot below:

Moshling Garden Improvements

There’s some nice features about this selection screen that Non-Members will like.

For a start, the selection screen shows which Moshlings you already have. Useful as non-members don’t have access to the Moshling Zoo

If you hover over a Moshling the name will turn into a green “CATCH” button.

Click on this button you’ll find the combination you need to plant displayed in your garden – just like it is for Members when they do this from their Moshling Zoo.

All you need to do now, is plant the seeds you need by clicking on the “PLANT” button and the correct seeds will automatically be purchased and planted in your garden!

No more annoying backwards and forwards visits to the Seed Cart to stock up on seeds!

If you hover over a Moshling that can’t be attracted to your garden with a seed combination and you’ll get a sticker appear on the Moshling image that says “Combo Unknown”

These are the Moshlings that you get from Super-Moshi Missions or have codes available with Moshi Merchandise like Dustbin Beaver and Pip.

The selection screen will still show you Moshlings that require snap apples and Crazy Daisies. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to plant these seeds. As non-members you’ll get a screen pop up to tell you that only members can buy seed from Super Seeds.

Members already have the same functionality in their Moshling Zoo.

What do you think of this update? Does it make finding Moshlings too easy?


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On Aug 22, 10:24 AM moshifan wrote:

Yay! I got Blossom!

On Aug 16, 09:36 PM shahin wrote:

i think they should put moshlings because the children are obseesed by it

On Aug 16, 08:28 AM moshi guy wrote:

hey has anyone else noticed
that betty has disappeared

On Aug 15, 09:56 PM lotus wrote:

i think they put alot of time in to work in to it and it helps alot

On Aug 15, 06:04 PM playfulghost99 wrote:

then why does lummox have a green catch button instead of a unknown combo doesnt he have a code in the moshling mall

Looks like it's a bug. If you select it, it doesn't show you the combination or allow you to plant the seeds.

On Aug 15, 05:01 PM playfulghost99 wrote:

then why does lummox have a catch button instead of a unknown combo

On Aug 15, 04:22 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

typing errors: in title you’ve wrote ‘inproved’ instead of improved and 7th paragraph below the screenshot,1st line, you’ve wrote hover twice :) sorry lol thought i’d let know :)

Moshi Secrets: Thanks for letting me know. Just shows that I shouldn't try and write articles late at night using my phone!

On Aug 15, 03:20 PM whatsmyname wrote:

yesterday when i looked at long beard’s combination it said season 0 mission 0, then it said play mission. i clicked on the play mission button but nothing happened! what do you think happened?

Moshi Secrets: Seems that Moshi Monsters might have been testing something for Mission based Moshlings. Unfortunately the mission you need to play to get Long Beard is Peppy's Freezy Riders which isn't available any more. This might be why the removed it.

On Aug 15, 03:16 PM Lea wrote:

It’s great! But it’s dumb that it only tells you have the two Moshlings in your room and doesn’t tell you what Moshlings you have stored in your zoo

Moshi Secrets: Seem a bit odd that doesn't it...

On Aug 15, 02:51 PM max wrote:

I found that you click catch in the moshling zoo it said not avalible now go to moshling garden and it said the combanation

Moshi Secrets: Which Moshling was that for?

On Aug 15, 12:26 PM jassie wrote:

yes I love it.

On Aug 15, 09:37 AM moshifan wrote:

There are so many Moshlings now that making them easier for new members is a good idea and it’s not as if we don’t “cheat” by using this site to get the planting combinations!