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Moshiling Watch - Shoney revealed

Shoney Moshling

Issue 40 of the Moshi Monster Magazine has revealed a new Moshling called Shoney, the Amazin’ Blazin’ Raisin coming soon to your Zoo.

Shoney is a member of the Naughties set, so he’ll be the fourth and final member of the set alongside Weeny, Marcel and Raffles.

The Magazine also reveals Shoney’s seed combination. As an Ultra-Rare Moshling, it means that every plant will need to be the correct colour. The combination of seeds you’ll need to plant (once Shoney appears in the Zoo) will be:

  • Hot Silly Peppers (RED)
  • Moon Orchid (Red)
  • Moon Orchid (Black)

Remember, you can’t get Shoney quite yet, but keep your eyes out for him soon!

Shoney the Amazin Blazin Raisin also has a track on the Moshi Monsters Movie soundtrack.


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On Apr 19, 06:29 PM Lea wrote:

I got him on the 3rd try. He’s a cool Moshling!