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Moshiling Watch - How to get Willow the Dainty Deer

Willow Moshling

Remember Willow, the Dainty Deer, who appeared in our Moshling Zoo at the same time as 9 other Moshlings?

While we quickly worked out that four of the Moshlings, (Jackson, Fitch, Marty and Blinki) were from the Moshi Movie Mystery missions.

Five of the Moshlings were available if you collected a code for their seeds as part of the Great Twistmas Giveaway. These Moshlings were Bodge, Hocus, Vinnie, Carter and Lurgee. You can get the codes for their seeds on our codes page.

The only one left out was Willow, the Dainty Deer which remained a mystery until recently.

So how DO you get Willow?

Well, the mystery was solved when Moshi Monsters released the iOS app, Moshi Village at the beginning of February.

What’s an iOS app? Well, that’s an app that runs on an Apple device such as an iPad or iPhone.

Here’s what you need to do in order to get the code for Willow.

  • After you’ve played the first few levels, you’ll unlock the gift show.
  • Go to the Gift Shop
  • Click on the Purple Safe Button
  • Find the Moshi Monsters Online Code ( This will give you a code for the Twistletoe Berries seeds that you’ll need to plant in order to get Willow.)
  • Now, you need to go back to Moshi Monsters on your computer. Enter a the secret code on the IGGY secret code screen and you’ll get the seeds added to your seed pouch.
  • Now go to the Moshling Garden, open your pouch and plant the Twistletoe Berries along with any two other (normal) seeds.

Thanks to Sarah, Gabrielle, awesomedude32456 and Vanessa who all wrote to us to tell us how to get Willow. Thanks everyone!

You can find out more about Moshi Monsters Village on the Daily Growl.

So, how many of you have got an iOS device and can play Moshi Village? Unfortunately we don’t, so we’d love to know what you all think of it!

Let us know in the comments below.


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On Apr 20, 05:17 PM christhel wrote:

I got willow and the information that u are saying is true I got willow just when the app appeared

On Apr 16, 04:21 PM DANIELA wrote:


On Apr 16, 10:42 AM Phi8996 wrote:

I will give you more info

So you BUY the gift shop enter it and press the purple safe button

On Feb 28, 07:32 AM Cordi wrote:

I already figured that out, I found the code and put it in and I wasn’t surprised that it was a moshling
PS It is a one use code-only one person can use it

On Feb 27, 05:16 PM Phrogster wrote:

gooeyfroggy76: You have to go to your Gift Shop and open the safe.
nightcreeper3: You have to complete one of the quests to get the Gift Shop. Sorry, I don’t remember which quest it was.

On Feb 22, 08:02 PM Skcosa wrote:

I’m going to go see the requirements. Hopefully, it won’t be like Sims Freeplay

On Feb 20, 09:12 PM gooeyfroggy76 wrote:

What level do you have to be? Am playing Moshi Village and am already at Level 16 but I can’t find the code for Willow:-(

On Feb 20, 10:54 AM nightcreeper3 wrote:

I’m on level 9, but my gift shop is dull grey and locked and says quest. what do I do?

On Feb 20, 10:18 AM megan wrote:

is the app free

On Feb 19, 09:22 PM anisa wrote:

i personally think this is brilliant it keeps my child calm and happy

On Feb 16, 09:32 PM Phrogster wrote:

I played the iOS game and got the code, but it won’t work on Iggy’s Secret Code page. I double checked it when I wrote it down. Guess I will go back and see if I can double check it.

On Feb 16, 04:54 PM Brianna wrote:

It is not fair for those who have been members and don’t have an IOS….

On Feb 14, 11:55 PM Darius wrote:

Please add me on moshi monsters.

On Feb 11, 07:24 PM Julia wrote:

Why they can’t make an Android app? :-(

On Feb 10, 08:28 PM Dylan wrote:

It is realy fun.after u progress u can name your monster and some moshlings if u feed them lots

On Feb 10, 08:02 PM Webkinzloverjrh wrote:

Moshi Village is great! I really enjoy it and I play it every day! I got Willow recently and she is awesome! I have 133 Moshlings now (I only need Splatter)!

On Feb 10, 12:26 PM kailyn wrote:

you guys can thank me i’m the one who told you BEFORE you posted this!!!

On Feb 10, 11:59 AM 52carolld wrote:

The game is fun. You have to do a lot of tedious work but it’s worth it. I luv to get the moshlings so this kind of game is 4 stars to me, maybe 5 as I continue to play on. Will keep u posted on this.

On Feb 10, 07:22 AM george wrote:

how do you get nipper because all my friends have him so pleese tell how to get nipper thank you ggeorge.

On Feb 9, 10:13 PM amy wrote:

i already got her thanks

On Feb 9, 06:54 PM Miranda Moore wrote:

It won’t work, I don’t know why.

On Feb 9, 06:01 PM Miranda Moore wrote:

Thank you SO much, SO, SO, much!

On Feb 9, 11:21 AM amy wrote:

i feel sad

On Feb 9, 10:40 AM elliot wrote:

You have too download moshi monsters village and get the gift shop. then click on the vault to get your code for the twistletoe berries. good luck ;)

On Feb 9, 05:08 AM Lea wrote:

I assume the code is different on each game? That really sucks because I don’t have an iOS but I would love to get this Moshling!! I HATE how they make you buy stuff or you need something to get some Moshlings! :(

Moshi Secrets: Yes, let's just hope that they release codes or combinations for these exclusive Moshlings in the future.

On Feb 9, 01:31 AM John wrote:

Hello, how do you get the code for the moshling pip Thanks, John

On Feb 8, 10:40 PM Terry Keller wrote:

that’s not fare how bout those of us that don’t have this devise then we will never get willow

On Feb 8, 06:25 PM Patricia Dalton wrote:

It isn’t fair what you have to do to get some of these moshlings. I don’t even know what an IOS is. That makes it impossible for me to get Willow. I pay to be a member so I can have something in common with my grandson to talk about but you don’t make it easy. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and I can’t afford to pay for some of the things I need to get Moshlings. You should make it so everyone can enjoy getting the moshlings. The missions should be where you can get them. I am thinking of not renewing my membership for this reason. I am very upset. I even talk to other children about Moshi Monsters and try to get them to join, but I won’t be doing that anymore. I can’t even get the magazines to get Moshis because I live in NY. That is like being discrimated against.

Moshi Secrets:Just to be clear - we don't make Moshi Monsters and we're not affiliated with Mind Candy - we're just a fan blog. That said, I do understand the point you're making. It can be difficult to explain why it's not possible to get certain moshlings.

On Feb 8, 05:25 PM Joan wrote:

I don’t. Again, MM withholds moshlings unless you are willing to pay for them. Thinking of retiring MM for this reason. I already pay to be a member.

On Feb 8, 03:27 PM Hollie wrote:

Oh, I love it! You really should play it.

On Feb 8, 03:00 PM Joy wrote:

I don’t have it! Can I get the code for Willow?!

On Feb 8, 02:53 PM musiclover1007593 wrote:

do you have to be a member?

On Feb 8, 10:41 AM valerie wrote:

if you don’t have a iphone and ipad how do you get her please ask to see what the code is I’m so sad that I can not get her. I really really really really want he. on moshi monsters I wrote a story about her please.